Current Exhibitions

Fashion & Fantasy: 250 Years of Wedding Dresses
February 19- May 31

Wedding dress exhibitWith beautiful wedding gowns spanning several centuries—from 18th-century silk and military-inspired Civil War dresses to the ubiquitous white dress of today—this exhibition provides a parade of wedding fashions. The exhibition will also examine how the traditions of “the big day” have developed over time, comparing the relatively simple rituals of the past with the more elaborate events that weddings have become.



Mobilizing the Home Front: Posters from World War II
January 16-May 10

WWII PostersIn honor of the 70th anniversary of VE Day, this exhibition features World War II posters that were used to raise support for the war effort at home. Part of the federal government’s overall propaganda effort, the posters incorporated strong messages and striking visuals in order to enlist every American, soldier or civilian, to help win the war. Some of the country’s top artists and illustrators lent their talents to persuade Americans to increase their productivity in factories, buy war bonds, and enlarge their wartime responsibilities.
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Creating Community: Exploring 375 Years of Our Past

This hands-on exhibition invites visitors to explore the history of Fairfield and its region over the past four centuries. Look inside a Native American wigwam, climb into an American Revolution fort, decipher a spy code, and look through the windows of a trolley. Young and old alike will enjoy learning how people worked, lived, and
built communities over time by exploring original objects, individual stories, and engaging activities.  Sponsored by CT Humanities, Fairfield County Community Foundation, The Perry Family and Southport Area Association.
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