Signs of the Times

August 10-November 26

How do I get there, and where do I go? Signs direct people to and fro, and call attention to specific places and locations. Beyond the words they carry, they use symbols, color and design to communicate their message. Explore how signs have been used around Fairfield over the years. Visitors can learn how some of Fairfield’s streets got their names, and try their hand at making their own signs.


Uncle Sam Poster-1917Uncle Sam Wants You: Fairfield in the Great War

September 28-February 5

How did government-sponsored messages about World War I affect those who lived through it?  Posters, publicity campaigns, and censorship of critical viewpoints were an important aspect of the federal government’s efforts to inspire support and sacrifice on the home front. This exhibition explores these messages and how they influenced people in the Fairfield and Bridgeport area, where war time manufacturing made the city into a boom town.