IMAGES 2012Professional, serious amateur and student photographers are invited to participate in the Fourth Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, IMAGES 2012 at the Fairfield Museum. Selected photographs on exhibit at the Fairfield Museum, from May 4-July 22, 2012.
Ruger Photo

Charles Ruger “The Sisters” 2004 Digital C-print 40″ x 50″

IMAGES is a highly-regarded juried photography exhibition hosted annually by the Fairfield Museum to celebrate the exceptional work of talented regional photographers. The Fairfield Museum is one of southwestern Connecticut’s most popular museums, and the IMAGES exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for artists to connect with prominent collectors, gallery owners, fellow photographers and the public.
This year the Fairfield Museum featured an exhibition of prominent New York photographer Charles Ruger. Learn more about Charles Ruger’s work>>>


Juried Exhibition Photographers 2012:
Franco Accornero, “Lighthouse”
Derek Alexander, “Sunflowers”
Karen Allen, “Ads Lie”
Peter Archer, “Turret Base 3”
John Atchley, “Reservoir #4”
Alan Barnett, “Sunday in the Park”
Carol  Battin, “Sukkah”
Morgan Beckwith, “Keep Your Hands in the Jeep”
Paul Berger, “Framework, Flag and Shadows ”
Linda Brinckerhoff, “Chinese Garden Pond”
Barbara  Campbell, “Inside the Dumpster”
Alan Cohen, “Even Horizon”
Lisa Colberg, “”Snowstorm””
Shona  Curtis, “Dad #1”
Ann  Dunnington, “View”
Ryan Eckert, “Untitled”
Stephen Ellis, “Cabin Lght, Smoky Mountains”
Robin Fellows, “Father and Son”
Ian Foulk, “Lightning Strikes”
Ann Franzen, “Rusty Car with Greens”
Jeremy Frost, “Manhattan in the Fog”
Shamik Ganguly, “Spring Reflections”
Sandy Gennrich, “Shave and a Hair Cut”
Renee Giffroy, “Unzipped”
D Goldstein, “Thermal Abstraction”
Jonathan Gordon, “Foggy Morning- New Hampshire”
Alexandra Greene, “Volcanic Ash”
Jamie Hamilton, “Innocence”
Meghan Ireland, “Connor”
Karen Kalkstein, “Owl”
Emily Kelting, “Swirling Peony”
Kyja Kutnick, “Untitled”
Andrea Letters, “Callum in the Tree”
Judy Miller Bailey, “Marsh Pen & Ink”
Jay Misencik, “Albert”
Kate Mohr, “Untitled”
Laura Mullen, “Snowflake Flower”
Aidan Murphy, “Inside the Connecticut Section, WW2 Memorial”
Karen Neems, “Toul Sleng”
Alex Payson, “Butterfly and Leaf”
Elisabeth Pollaert Smith, “Demolition”
Sara Roche, “Light Show”
Christian Rodriguez, “Crooked Windows ”
Takeshi Sergel, “No Title”
Phyllis  Sinrich, “Reflections: Facade”
Lauren Squires, “A Walk in the Park”
Maura Stokes, “Times Square in Motion”
Annette Wallach Cohen, “”Skyline””
Cooper Winterson, “Spliced”
J. Kahn Zwyer, “Museum of Modern Art, NYC”