IMAGES 2013 – Finalists








Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s IMAGES Juried Show competition. We received a record-breaking amount of submissions! Our judges certainly had to make some tough choices with all of the talent out there.

This year’s winners will receive detailed instructions on Monday April 15 via email regarding the specifications and delivery method for their work. Congratulations!


IMAGES 2013 Grand Prize Winners:

IMAGES 2013 Winners

Torrance York, “Refractions”

Professional or Serious Amateur: Torrance York, Refractions

IMAGES 2013 Winners

Audrey Ryan, Self-Portrait

Student: Audrey Ryan, Self Portrait

Final Juried Show Photographers (shown in alphabetical order by first name):

Alan Barnett “Dreamscape”

Ann Franzen “Central Park”

Audrey Ryan “Self Portrait”

Barbara Post Campbell “Architectural Warehouse”

Benjamin Gott “Broken Window #2”

Carol Battin “Reflections #5”

Carrie Brady “Nikeva Stapleton/Lois Greenfield Workshop”

Danielle L Goldstein “Feet In The Air”

David Land “Together At The Shore”

Elisabeth Pollaert Smith “Coastal Reflections”

Frances Gallogly “Sea Serpent”

Frankie Garofalo “Camels”

Gary Stanford “Leaf”

Geoffrey Gladstein “Pelican On Rock”

Ilana Appleby “Celebration Of Light”

Jana Ireijo “Milan”

Jason Foster-Bey “Glasshopper”

Jeanne Mcdonagh “White Tulip”

Jennifer Moon Kozlowski “Barbed Webs”

Jeremy Frost “Winter Sleep (2012)”

Joan Frost “Rose 136 (2013)”

John Clark “Pico”

John Kane “King Of Prussia #1”

John Phillips “Sunflower Awakening”

Kate Eiseman “Betty and felicia”

Kathryn Frederick “Kiss”

Kirsti Holtan “New York Squares”

Lachell Workman “Take Up Your Cross”

Lauren Squires “Shine Through”

Linda Brinckerhoff “Donald In Profile”

Mary Waldron “Nature Waldron Bee On Poppy”

Maura Stokes “Two Outta Three”

Michael Callahan “Bennetts Pond”

Michael Elsden “Mitch 005”

Miggs Burroughs “Mezzonate”

Morgan Macey “Summer Storm”

Nick Benson “The Golden Ratio”

Pamela Lindberg “Got Mail?”

Patricia Spaght “Contemplation”

Reese Herrington “Gravitational Strength”

Robert Staub “Sandy Surge 3”

Roger Busch “Curved Space”

Ryan Eckert “Droplets”

Samantha Elsaesser “Wolf’s Sneeze”

Sandy Gennrich “Old Farm”

Shamik Ganguly “The Comet”

Sherry Fogel “The Gardener”

Stephen Ellis “Roller Coaster In Ocean After Sandy, Seaside Heights”

Susan Bender “Homage”

Thomas Berntsen “Tattered Dancers”

Timothy Jones “Manhattan Bridge”

Tom Kretsch “After The Gold Rush, What Remains”

Torrance York “Refractions 3/19/12 #1150”

Van Ruttley “50 Shades Of Orange”

William Van Ollefen “Orchid”