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Fairfield 2nd Grade “Community” Tour

Photographs for the Old Academy Schoolhouse – PDF Link Here >>

Updated April, 2017
Docent Script and Guide: Creating Community

(through American Revolution)

DOCENT GUIDES: Basic Information

The following guides have been updated as of April, 2017:
About the Museum, Docent Policies, Tips for Touring and Ways We Learn
DOCENT GUIDE II: History & Maps
Fairfield History, Roger Ludlow & The Pequots, Early History & Growth, Fairfield in the 18th Century
Maps: Original Settlement, Owners as of 1779 and the Long Lots

Information on New Exhibits in Sun Tavern – Summer 2017:

Sun TavernDOCENT GUIDE Sun Tavern
Exhibit script and information on the East Parlor/Tavern Room, 1st Floor, and Upstairs Chamber
DOCENT GUIDE IIId: Sun Tavern / Seeking Justice
Exhibit script on the “Seeking Justice” area in West Parlor, 1st Floor

Layouts of New Exhibitions

DOCENT GUIDES: Historic Sites on Walking Tours

DOCENT GUIDE IIIa: Walking Tours – The Fairfield Academy [to be updated]
Addendum: Narrative for manikins and other information from the D.A.R., Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter

DOCENT GUIDE IIIb: Walking Tours – The Beach Road Houses
Houses that survived the Burning of Fairfield, 1779
DOCENT GUIDE IV: The Burning of Fairfield
Possible Causes, The (Slow) Burning, the British in CT, Timeline, Character Portraits, primary source accounts, maps & paintings
DOCENT GUIDE V: Old Burying Ground
Puritan Beliefs & Death, Burial Rituals, Fairfield’s Old Burying Ground, Preservation Efforts, Iconography, Death’s Head, The Great Awakening, Gravestone Art Presentation and a Child’s Life
DOCENT GUIDE Va: Old Burying Ground ~ Details
Specific gravestones with pictures and inscriptions, Locations of these gravestones, History Behind the Buried and their Families, Common Surnames in the Old Burying Ground and map

The Ogden House


OGDEN HOUSE – Appendix

Bee Skeps & Honey – presentation by Fairfield Garden Club