Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Educator Resources include Teaching with Primary Sources guides, Professional Development, Classroom Kits, Teacher Guides and Lesson Plans (see below) that complement the Fairfield Museum’s Education Programs and reinforce curriculum. Professional Development and Educator Resources are generously sponsored by First County Bank Foundation.

Pre / Post Visit Guide:

Please use this guide to become more familiar with the Fairfield Museum. Included are museum guidelines to review with your group and suggested pre and post activities.

Fake News Project

A project funded by CT Humanities to engage and inform Connecticut’s citizens about the essential role journalism plays in helping us understand our world.
Teacher Resource Guide >>

Grade 2: “What Makes a Community” Walking Tour

This Walking Tour explores significant sites in the town of Fairfield’s history, connecting with the study of community in Grade 2. Teachers may now choose an updated version of this tour which rotates three activities in the Old Academy Schoolhouse, Sun Tavern and Old Burying Ground. Please click on the link below for additional information.
Teacher Guide
Suggested Post Activities:
1) Mind Map
Have students remember the sites they visited to create a “Mind Map,” of the Walking Tour. What parts do they remember? How would the Walking Tour look like on a map? What else would they include?
2) Timeline
Can students make a timeline of the historic sites and events that they learned about? What else should be included?
3) Photographs Analysis
Historic Photographs
Use the photographs above as a post-field trip activity with your students. Project the images onto the wall and utilize inquiry-based questions to promote discussion.
What do you notice? What has changed in these photographs? What has stayed the same?

Grades 3 – 5
Exploring My Town: Fairfield — Teacher Resources & Student Activities

Field Trip Documents:
Character Portrait: Isaac Jennings
Scavenger Hunt in the exhibit “Creating Community” Click here>>

Pre-Activity Sources – Exploring My Town
Dimension 1 of Inquiry Arc:
“My Town” Fairfield Settlement & Population: for Students to Read
Two Fairfield Maps: for Students to Analyze
Two Connecticut Maps: for Students to Analyze – Waterways and Native Americans
Native Americans Photo Story
Optional: Our State and Town for Teacher to Present
Dimension 2 & 3 of Inquiry Arc:
“Exploring Our Town” Questions for Students and Ideas for Teachers. Source: Matthew Warshauer, Central CT State University

“Monuments All Around Us” Lesson Plan
“Monuments in Fairfield” A Sample, for Teacher to Present

“Fairfield Businesses Over Time” Photographs of Businesses from the Post Road and Black Rock Turnpike showing change over time. For Teacher to Present

This Historic House Teacher Resources & Lesson Plans

These activities are designed to complement a visit to the 1750 Ogden House. The activities may also be used independently.
Pre-Activity: The 1750 Ogden House Newspaper
Utilizing historical research and records from the Fairfield Museum, this “newspaper” was created for students to learn more about the Ogden House, the family, and colonial life before visiting. The newspaper should be printed on 11 x 17″ paper.
To Begin: Explain to the students that they will be visiting the 1750 Ogden House in Fairfield. Before they visit, they can learn about the Ogden family, the house, and other aspects of colonial life. The teacher may model one article, read aloud, or have the students do close reading. Students may also work in groups to read the paper and answer the questions.
Ogden House Newspaper, 11 x 17″
Hand-Out for Students
Hand-Out with Answers for Teacher

1750 Ogden House
Pre and Post Activity Analyzing Primary Sources, Maps and Photographs

Lesson Plan
Historic House: Model Photograph
Historic House: Primary Source Set 1
Hand-Out for Set 1
Historic House: Primary Source Set 2

Grades 5 – 8

Slavery in Connecticut – Teacher Resources:
Teacher Guide – Excerpt from “Slavery in CT” Teacher Primary Source Kit: Download here >>
Teacher Appendix – Online Resources List, Vocabulary and Timeline: Download here >>

Grades 8 +
“Accused: Fairfield’s Witchcraft Trials” Educator Guide

Download the “ACCUSED” Educator Guide
This exhibition was on view in commemoration of Fairfield’s 375th Anniversary in the fall of 2015. In the exhibition, Connecticut’s witchcraft trials were illuminated by author and illustrator Jakob Crane in graphic novel form. The Educator Guide includes reproductions of Crane’s illustrations, background information and student activities. The guide was developed in partnership with regional educators at a Summer Teacher Institute in July 2015 and co-sponsored by the Fairfield Public Library.

Lesson Plans & Multimedia

The projects below were created by pre-service teachers in partnership with Fairfield University Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions.

American Revolution Lesson Plan
Burning of Fairfield Narrative Assignment

American Transportation: Then & Now (Grades K – 4)
This 3-minutes video traces the development of American transportation from the horse and buggy, the invention of the steam engine and the mass expansion of the railroad. The video compares and contrasts these developments with today’s needs, as reflected in the new metro station in Fairfield.
Click here to download the movie

Oral Histories: How Iconic Events Shape our Lives
An Interdisciplinary 10th / 11th grade Unit Plan
Created by Created by Charlie Duff and Kelly Ferguson
Fairfield University, Spring 2011.
Project Overview
Project Website