Fairfield “Day to Night” Photo!


Photographer Stephen Wilkes will create a “Day to Night” photograph of the Fairfield waterfront on August 11! Stop by the beach to be a part of this history-making moment!

One of America’s most iconic photographers, Stephen Wilkes, will create one of his extraordinary “Day to Night” photographs of Fairfield’s waterfront on Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12 (weather-dependent). One of the things he wants to capture are people walking out on Penfield Reef at low tide, which is at 8:30 AM on Friday and 9:10 AM on Saturday. Wilkes will capture Fairfield’s beachfront perched atop staging on Jennings Beach. Residents are invited to visit Jennings Beach and Penfield Beach to be a part of Wilkes’ photographic project which will capture swimmers, sun-bathers, sandcastle-builders, kayakers, and anyone else enjoying Fairfield’s beloved beachfront.

The completed photograph will go on display in April, 2018 and become part of the Fairfield Museum’s permanent collection. Wilkes’ “Day to Night” photograph of Fairfield has been generously commissioned as a gift to Fairfield and the Fairfield Museum by the Saft family in memory of Marcia Saft. A former Fairfield Museum Board Member and devoted community leader and philanthropist, Marcia Saft (1945-2016) was an enthusiastic supporter of Fairfield’s history and artistic legacy.

Stephen Wilkes’ TED talk on his extraordinary Day to Night photographs can be viewed here >>

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