Museum After Dark: Workshop on Creativity


6 pm - 8 pm

Museum After Dark Creativity Workshop


The exhibition Fabulous Animals is not just for kids! In this fun, interactive presentation, join illustrator and teacher Sean Kelly who will share tools for solving problems and becoming more imaginative and inventive. Are you struggling to write a book, create a start-up or just want to learn to think creatively on your feet?

Creativity is not just for artists, and it’s not merely a talent some are born with. Creativity, says Kelly, is a skill — which can be developed, practiced and improved. Learn how you can apply the techniques of great creators and innovators to assignments and challenges in your own life and work.

Mr. Kelly's award-winning illustration, visual journalism and political commentary have been featured in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe. Mr. Kelly's humorous images of life in New York City ran each week in The New York Times's popular column Metropolitan Diary, a series for which he won numerous awards. Since 2003, he has presented his Creativity Seminar which introduces a wide variety of creative thinking techniques and tools to develop ideas and solve problems.

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