Brooklawn: A Walk in the Park

August 22-November 11, 2019
Ruth Carlson Horn Gallery

The Brooklawn neighborhood developed as an outgrowth of Bridgeport’s industrial revolution, providing a specially designed enclave for the booming city’s business leaders. Enjoy photographer Ari Burling’s luminous early morning photographs of the Brooklawn neighborhood and its unique landscape and architecture. Historical vignettes of the home’s original owners and their businesses will be featured alongside objects from the Museum’s collections which were created during a time of national and local transition.

Photographer Ari Burling works globally to document achievements in architecture, design, and engineering in a comprehensive range of building types, interior spaces, and technologies. He is based in New York City and Fairfield County and his work is commissioned by a broad range of clients, from architecture and engineering firms to interior designers and manufacturers.
Special thanks to Ari and Erika Burling and to Brooklawn Country Club.