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Student in LibraryOur archives include personal papers, organizational papers, family papers, and business records. Some collections also include photographs, memorabilia, and oral histories. See our Topical Guide to Manuscripts for a list of topics that can be researched using these collections.

The family papers housed at FMHC include some longstanding and influential families in the history of Fairfield. Among them is the Burr family, whose mansion the Burr Homestead, site of John Hancock’s wedding to Dorothy Quincy, still stands on Old Post Rd. Other family papers help to document ordinary life in the past, from farming and schooling to medical care and travel.

Death of Primus Burr 1The collections of business records at FMHC reflect the changes in Fairfield’s industries. The Bullard Company Records trace this Fairfield business from its founding years in the late 19th century up to its closing and demolition in 1983 through annual reports, personnel files, and photographs. It is complemented by personal collections such as John Camarra’s papers containing union documents that speak to the union activities at Bullard Company. Other businesses represented in our collection include the Fairfield Rubber Company, Kennel Food Supply, and McKesson & Robbins.


John Sullivan 1959

Several collections illustrate the history of local politics and government, such as the John Sullivan Collection and the Roger Minott Sherman Collection. We hold some town records, including real estate tax records dating back to 1890, which offer insight into the development of Fairfield properties over the last century.


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Adams Family Papers (Ms 27)

Allen Family Papers (MS B112)


The Banks Family Papers (MS26)

The Banks Family Genealogical Papers (MS B101)

Benson and Nichols Family (MS B134)

The Ruth Mills Bradley Papers (MS B80)

The William Bradley Papers (MS B73)

Caleb Brewster Papers (MS 33)

The Millicent E. Bridgman Scrapbook Collection (MS B67)

Bronson Family Papers (MS B12)

The Brooklawn Weekly News Collection (MS B65)

The Bulkley Family Papers (MS 19)

The Bulkley Family Papers (Ms B38)

The Sarah Burr Bulkley Papers (MS B69)

The Bullard Company Records (MS B41)

The Burr Family Papers (Ms B20)

The W. Eben Burr Oral History Collection (Ms B112)

The William H. Burr, Jr. Papers (MS B115)


The John J. Camarra Bullard Company Union Collection (MS B78)

The Civil War Collection (MS B15)

The Agnes Selkirk Clark Landscape Architecture Collection (MS B91)

The Cameron Clark Architecture Collection (MS B54)

Couch Family Papers (Ms 5)


The Andrew Frank Daniels Democratic Party Collection (MS B66)

The DeForest Family Genealogical Papers (MS B105)


The Alber Elswick Research Files (MS B75)

The English Literary Club Records (MS B95)

Enrollment Militia (Ms 51)


The Fairfield 325th Anniversary Commission Records (MS B92)

The Fairfield Area Subject Collection (MS 53)

The Fairfield Area Churches Collection (MS B33)

The Fairfield Business Collection (Ms B34)

The Fairfield Cemetery Association Records (MS B3)

The Fairfield College Preparatory School Publications Collection (MS B99)

The Fairfield County Agricultural Society Records (MS B90)

Fairfield Families Collection (Ms 37)

The Fairfield Fire Commission Records (MS B60)

Fairfield Fire Companies (MS B35)

Fairfield Land Records (Ms B18)

Fairfield Landscape Architecture Collection (MS B51)

Fairfield Republican Town Committee Records (MS B124)

The Fairfield Rotary Club Records (MS B86)

The Fairfield School Collection (MS B48)

Fairfield School Records (MS 14)

The Fairfield Store Records (MS B71)

The Fairfield Tercentenary Collection (MS B49)

The John Wilson Fogarty Coats of Arms Collection (MS B70)


The Charles M. Gilman House Plans Collection (MS 57)

The Godfrey Family Collection (MS B83)

Gould Family and Gould Homestead (MS 6)

The Greenfield Hill Grange Records (MS B45)

The Greenfield Hill Volunteer Fire Company No 5 Records (MS B89)


The Ernest Hart Papers (MS B57)

Hide Family (MS 9)

The Clara and Elsie Hill Papers (MS B84)

The Hobart Family Papers (MS 11)

Hubbell Family Collection (MS B140)

The Hull Family Papers (MS 16)

Hungarian Residents’ Oral History (Ms B111)

The Huntington Family Collection (MS B16)


Jaycees (Ms B124)

The Jennings Family Papers (Ms 10)

The A. Elizabeth Jennings Collection (Ms B17)

Journals and DayBooks (Ms B32)


Robert D. Kranyik Hungarian Collection-MS B135


Lacey Collection (Ms B52)

Lacey Family Papers (Ms 3)

The J. Edward Lumbard and Polly Poindexter Papers (Ms 108)

Susan Lightbown Papers (Ms B120)


McGregor Collection of Sunnieholme (Ms B126)

Meeker Family Papers  (Ms 41)

Morehouse Family Papers (Ms 20)

The McQuarrie Genealogy Papers (MS B63)


The Nichols Family Papers (MS B77)

The Nichols Family Papers (Ms 23)

The Emma S. Nichols Scrapbook Collection (MS B81)

Finette Benson Nichols Collection (Ms B31)


O’Dwyer Gustav Whitehead Research Collection Ms B107

Ogden Family Papers (Ms 4)

The Old Post Road Association Records (MS B94)


The Pequot Library Records (MS B72)

Perry Family Papers (Ms 17)

Gertrude Jelliff Perry Diary (Ms B55)

The Helen Prentice Perry Diary Collection (MS B97)

Pomeroy Family Papers (MSB139)

Pratt Family Papers (Ms B9)


Reeve Family Papers (Ms 18)

The Roger Ludlowe Community Center Records (MS B93)

The Roger Ludlowe Fathers’ Club of Fairfield Records (MS B98)

The Rolock, Incorporated Company Records (MS B62)

Rowland Family Papers (Ms B123)

Rudkin Family Papers (MS B138)


The Sanford Family Papers (MS B103)

Seeley Family Papers (Ms 29)

The Emily Judson Sanford Papers (MS B11)

The E. Lee Schneider Pepperidge Farm Collection (MS B106)

The Roger Minott Sherman Papers (MS B96)

The Roger Minott Sherman Papers (Ms 20)

Sherwood Family Papers (Ms 7)

The Ships’ Papers Collection (MS 36)

Silliman Family Papers (MS 47)

Smith Family Papers (Ms B121)

The Southport, Conn. Collection (MS 55)

The Southport Savings Bank Records (MS B76)

Southport Railroad Stations Collection (Ms 56)

The Stegeman Family Papers (MS B64)

The Sturges FamilyPapers (MS 32)

Sturges and Thorp Family-MS B136

The Mary A. Sturges Scrapbook Collection (MS B82)

The Hon. John Sullivan Collection (Ms B40)

Switzer Family Papers (Ms B128)


The Thorp Family Papers (MS 22)

The Trinity Church Records (MS B4)

The Turney Family Papers (MS 13)


Robert Vezina Scrapbook (Ms B125)

Voluntary Associations of Fairfield (Ms B53)


The Wakeman Family Papers (MS B104)

The Wakeman Family Papers (MS 15)

Warner Family Papers (Ms 48)

The O’Dwyer Gustav Whitehead Research Papers (MS B107)

The Williamson-Brooks Company Records (MS B61)

The World War I Collection (MS B24)

The World War II Collection (Ms B25)

The Mabel Osgood Wright Collection (Ms 54)