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Collection Themes

Our collection includes artwork, paintings, tools, clothing, furniture, and other artifacts which are used for exhibitions and may be consulted by researchers by arrangement. Some of the collection’s themes include:

Photo outside Red Cross chapter headquarters

Red Cross headquarters on Beach Road, 1910s

Community Service

  •  Fairfield Red Cross  records and ephemera
  • Firefighters and Police records and uniforms
  • Town Guard flags, uniforms, photographs, and scrapbooks
  • Charitable organizations’ records and publications
  • Girl Scout and Boy  Scout uniforms


Photo of livery stable

Doing Business in Fairfield

  • Southport Bank items, including bank note printing plates
  • Currency and coins
  • Early 19th century store items
  • 18th and 19th century merchants’ account books
  • 20th century business record collection
  • Household account books recording barter and trade

Families from Fairfield

The Dardani - Carissimi Families in a Wedding Group Portrait, 1916

The Dardani – Carissimi Families in a Wedding Group Portrait, 1916

  •  Genealogy records and resources
  • Family registers: embroidered, painted, printed
  • Family portraits
  • Multi-generation family manuscript collections
  • Multi-generation collections of clothing
  • Album and Friendship quilts


Maritime Commerce and Ship Captains

A painting of a clipper ship by Captain Isaac Jennings, 1855

The William Chamberlain Clipper Ship, by Captain Isaac Jennings, 1855

  •  Captain’s shipping papers, logs, letters, etc.
  • Cargo, vessel, captain, and license listings
  • Navigational tools and charts
  • Captains’ portraits
  • Ship portraits and maritime paintings
  •  Ship flags including a rare set of Marryat Code flags
  • Ship’s medicine chest from the Garland, mid 19th c.
  • Items purchased abroad, including garments of imported textiles
  • Records (e.g., account books) of local products for export

Schoolhouse Bell from the Pequot School in Southport, 1827

Schoolhouse Bell from the Pequot School in Southport, 1827

School Life & Children’s History

  • Arts & crafts by girls,  including samplers and mourning pictures
  • Students’ notebooks from the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Teachers’ letters, record books and rules from the 19th century
  • Ludlowe and Ward High Schools memorabilia (yearbooks, mugs, sweaters)
  • Fairfield school records, 1668-1952
  • Photographs of school buildings
  • Dolls, dollhouses, doll furniture
  • Toys, games, and sports equipment
  • Children’s clothing from the early 1800s to 1960s
  • Carriages, highchairs and cradles from early 19th c.


McGarry’s Blacksmith Shop in Fairfield, CT

Tools of the Trade

  •  Woodworking, blacksmithing, shoemaking, surveying, agricultural equipment
  • Account and ledgers books reflecting these occupations
  • Textile processing tools
  • Agricultural tools
  • Farm ledgers

Wartime in Connecticut

World War II Pamplet Encouraging Women to Can Food

World War II Pamphlet Encouraging Women to Can Food

  •  Military uniforms and accoutrements, such as powder horns and canteens
  • Arms and weapons from the mid-18th century to WWI
  • World War I & World War II posters
  • World War II Home Front records and items:  scrapbooks, photographs, and ration books
  • Town Guard: flags, uniforms, photographs, scrapbooks
  • Civil Defense items: World War II and Cold War era
  • Nike missile site Information