Adams Family Papers, 1712-1889
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Fairfield Museum and History Center
Adams family
Adams, Edward Bradford
Adams Family Papers, 1712-1889
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(2 boxes, 1725 items)
Collection of legal and financial papers spanning the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries from the Adams family of Fairfield, CT.

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Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Biographical/Historical note

The Adams family came to Fairfield in the 1650's and later settled in Green's Farms and Westport around 1700. Family members were landowners, farmers, storekeepers, school teachers and bankers. For a published genealogy see The History of Fairfield, Vol. I. by Elizabeth Schenck, 1889.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of one and a half boxes. Boxes I, Folders A-D hold deeds. In Folder A, Moses Knap's and John Crissy's deeds dates refer to Queen Anne's reign. Folder E contains legal papers; Folder F bills and bills receipted; Folder G financial papers, correspondence and maps; and Folder H through I account books. Of particular note in in Folder E is a contract for a negro boy. Box II, Folder A holds a genealogy book.

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Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT

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There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

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Use of the material requires compliance with the Fairfield Museum and History Center regulations.

Processing Information note

This collection was processed by Martha Rockwell in January 1984.

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Controlled Access Headings

Personal Name(s)

  • Adams, Eli, 1784-1861
  • Adams, Joseph
  • Adams, Nathan
  • Addams, Nathaniel


  • Account books--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Deeds--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Real property--Connecticut--Fairfield County--Maps.
  • Real property--Connecticut--Fairfield County.
  • Receipts (financial records)

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Collection Inventory

 Box I, Folder A Deeds 1712-1749   15.0 items

From Peter Clapham to Nathan Addams 1723 

From John Hall to Nathan Addams Jr. 1712 

From Abraham Adams Jr. to Nathan Addams Jr. 1712 

From Moses Knap to Nathan Adams 1713 

From Nathan Addams Jr. to Nathan Addams 1714 

From John Sturgis to Nathan Addams Jr. 1714 

From John Crissy to Nathan Adams 1714 

From David Morehouse, et al. to Nathan Adams 1716 

From Dougal and Sarah Mackenzie to Nathan Addams Jr. 1721 

From Benjamin Sturgis to Nathan Adams 1736, 1737   3.0 items

From Lewis and Sarah MackDaniels to Nathan Adams 1740 

From Jehial Lockwood to Nathan Adams 1747, 1749   2.0 items

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 Box I, Folder B Deeds 1750-1783   19.0 items

From to Nathan Adams to Nathaniel Adams 1750, 1751   2.0 items

From A committee to Nathaniel Adams 1750 

From Thad Burr to Nathaniel Adams 1750 

From John Burr II to Nathaniel Adams 1750 

From Ebenezer and Rebecah Mead to Nathaniel Addams 1755 

From Joshua Jennings to Nathaniel Adams 1756, 1760, 1770   4.0 items

From John Hurlbutt to Nathaniel Adams 1759 

From Thaddeus Morehouse to Nathaniel Adams 1764 

From Nathaniel Adams to Nathaniel Adams Jr. 1767 

From Nathan Adams to Nathaniel Adams 1770 

From Jabez Morehouse to Nathaniel Adams 1772, 1773   2.0 items

From Nathan Godfrey, Jr. to Nathaniel Adams Jr. 1774 

From Daniel and Mary Morehouse to Nathaniel Addams 1783 

From Abigail Morehous to Nathaniel Adams 1783 

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 Box I, Folder C Deeds 1783-1797   17.0 items

From Nathan and Hannah Bennitt to Nathaniel Adams 1784 

From Gideon and Ann Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1784 

From Joseph Hanford to Nathaniel Adams 1784 

From Stephen and Mary Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1784 

From Seth Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1786 

From Joseph Wakeman, et al. to Nathaniel Adams 1788 

From Joseph Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1788 

From Samuel and Elizabeth Downs to Nathaniel Adams 1790 

From Samuel Downs to Nathaniel Adams 1790 

From Hezekiah Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1790, 1797   2.0 items

From Sarah and Lucy Marven to Nathaniel Adams 1790 

From Nathan Wakeman to Nathaniel Adams 1792 

From Jonathan and Lucy Coley to Nathaniel Adams 1793 

From Hannah Bennitt to Nathaniel Adams 1796 

From Thomas and Abigail Davis to Nathaniel Adams 1797 

From Stephen B. Hanford to Nathaniel Adams 1797 

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 Box I, Folder D Deeds 1800-1854   18.0 items

From Joseph Hanford to Joseph Adams 1800 

From Jonathan Ogden to Joseph Adams 1803, 1805   2.0 items

From Jonathan and Rebeckah Ogden to Joseph Adams 1803 

From Joseph and Sarah Hanford to Joseph Adams 1803 

From Salome Adams to Joseph Adams 1805 

From John Goreham to Joseph Adams 1807 

From Anne Adams to Joseph Adams 1808 

From Nathaniel Adams to Joseph Adams 1810 

From Daniel Coley to Joseph Adams 1812 

From Abigail Adams to Joseph Adams 1813 

From Nathaniel Adams to Joseph Adams 1814 

From Jonathan and Rebeckah Ogden, et al. to Joseph Adams 1815 

From Ann Adams to Joseph Adams 1816 

From William and Ann Nichols to Joseph Adams 1818 

From Walter and Mirenda Banks to Joseph Adams 1819 

From Joseph and Sarah Adams to Ebenezer B. Adams 1841 

From John S. and Harriet L. Hyde to Joseph Adams 1854 

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 Box I, Folder E Legal Papers   26.0 items

Probate Papers 

Nathan Addams Jr. 1723-1724 

Nathaniel Adams 1784-1814   8.0 items

Joseph Adams 1869-1873   3.0 items

Abigail Hanford, Nathaniel Adams, executor 1782 


Zebulon Fanton vs. Jonathan Adams 1772 

Nathaniel Adams vs. Abraham Hays 1773 

Nathan Adams vs. Samuel Taylor 1773 

Nathaniel Adams vs. Gershom Stevens 1774 

Nathaniel Adams vs. Stephen Guyer 1780 

Petition of Obediah Wright against Ebenezer Adams, et al. 1809 

Nathaniel Adams list for 1800 

Produce contract between Nathaniel Adams and Stephen Guyer 1789 

Contract for negro boy named Amos between Joseph Hanford and Nathaniel Adams Jr. n.d. 

House deed from Peter Williams to Joseph Adams 1825 

Fence division between Nathaniel Adams and Samuel Silliman 1767 

Land division to Nathaniel Adams from the Committee 1749 

Payment for stone from Nathaniel Adams 1786 

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 Box I, Folder F Bills and Bills Receipted 1773-1784   51.0 items

Nathaniel Adams 1784-1817   17.0 items

Ebenezer B. Adams 1851-1869   8.0 items

Joseph Adams 1773-1817   25.0 items

Mrs. Adams 1813 

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 Box I, Folder G Financial Papers, Correspondence and Maps   41.0 items

Financial Papers 

Bank notes of the Saugatuck Bank 1862-1864   10.0 items

Bank notes of the First National Bank of Westport 1864-1872   7.0 items

Promissory notes to Joseph Adams and others 1805-1865   7.0 items

Correspondence to 

Nathaniel Adams 1784, 1788   2.0 items

Joseph Adams 1803 

Bartlett Bondage re: Nathaniel Adams' sheep bill 1763 

Mrs. Adams 1889   2.0 items

Mr. E. B. Adams 1865 

Cousin and Brother and Sister n.d., 1844   2.0 items


Saw Mill lot n.d. 

Piece of land belonging to daughters of Nathaniel Adams in Jennings Woods, surveyed by Gideon Wells 1764 

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 Box I, Folder H Account Books   6.0 items

Nathaniel Adams, farm and store accounts 1762-1782, 1784-1790   2.0 items

Nathaniel Adams accounts due (including spinning) 1803 

Joseph Adams surveyor's books 1806, 1829   2.0 items

Joseph Adams store book 1802-1803 

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 Box I, Folder I Account Book   1.0 item

Eli Adams (1784-1861) account book including store and general account with notes 1811-1815 

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 Box II, Folder A Adams Genealogy written by Edward Bradford Adams 

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