Fairfield Families Collection
Ms 37

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Biographical/Historical note
Scope and Contents note
Administrative Information
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Collection Inventory
Adams Family Papers
Allen Family Papers
Alvord Family Papers
Angevine, Evelyn Papers--Merritt Parkway Advisory Committee Records
Anti/Halasz Family Papers
Arens, Egmont Papers
Baldwin, Abraham D. Papers
Barlow Family Papers
Barnum, P. T. Papers
Beardsley, Clifford W. Papers
Benson Family Papers
Brett, George Platt Sr. Papers
Budd, Burr Papers
Budington Family Papers
Burr, Harriet E. Papers
Busat, Victoria Papers
Callender Family Papers
Chapman Family Papers
Chauncey Family Papers
Child, Frank Samuel Papers
Clark Family Papers
Coley Family Papers
Corbusier, Alfred B. Papers
Daily, Thomas A. Papers
Davis Family Papers
Denny (Dennie) Family Papers
Disbrow Family Papers
Donaldson, Chase Papers
Downs (Down) Family Papers
Dunning Family Papers
Eddy, George Papers
Eliot, Rev. Andrew Papers
Fairchild Family Papers
Fitzgerald Family Papers
Forgue Family Papers
Frank, John M. Papers
Gallagher, William D. Diary
Gilbert, Burr papers
Gilden, Joseph Papers
Glover, Addie M. Papers
Goodsell Family Papers
Gorham Family Papers
Gray Family Account Books
Gray Family Papers
Green Family Papers
Griffin, Betty Papers
Hall Family Papers
Havard, Aline Papers
Hawkins Family Papers
Henshaw Family Papers
Holbrook Family Papers
Howell Family Papers
Hubbard Family Papers
Hubbell Family Papers
Jackson Family Papers
Jennings, George A. Papers
Johnson Family Papers
Judah, Moses Papers
Judson Family Papers
Kent (Hazard) Family Papers
Kruzsylak, William George
Lacey, Charlotte Alvord Papers
Lewis Family Papers
Lockwood Family Papers
Lowrey Family Papers
Mallett Family Papers
McGarry, Patrick Papers
Merchant Family Papers
Middlebrook Family Papers
Milbank Family Papers
Mills Family Papers
Morris, Annie M. Papers
Naphey, John H. Papers
Nash Family Papers
Neale, Harold W. Papers
Osgood, Dr. Samuel papers
Parrack (Parrock) Family Papers
Penfield Family Papers
Pepper Family Papers
Pike Family Papers
Prentice, Winthrop Papers
Raymond Family Papers
Redfield Family Papers
Riley Family Papers
Robenson (Robertson) Family Papers
Rodgers, Richard and Dorothy Papers
Rogers Family Papers
Rowland, Joseph F. Papers
Rumsey Family Papers
Scofield Family Papers
Sheffield, Paschal Papers
Shelton Family Papers
Sherman, David Papers
Sherwood Family Papers
Sherwood, John Henry Papers
Smedley Family Papers
Smith, Adeline Papers
Smith Family Papers
Smith, Horace R. Papers
Spencer, Robert Papers
Squier Family Papers
Szymanski Family Papers
Taintor Family Papers
Taylor Family Papers
Taylor, Mary Darlington Papers
Tomlinson, Gideon Papers
Tracy Family Papers
Treadwell Family Papers
Trubee, Ansel Papers
Upshaw, Willie Papers
Wakeman, Joseph Papers
Wales, Isabelle Guibert Papers
Webb, Reverend Joseph Papers
Welch, Elijah Papers
Welles, "Dot" Papers
Wilson (Willson) Family Papers
Willson, Eleazer Papers
Wilson, Thurza Nichols Papers
Winton, Peter and Joseph Papers
Worden Family Papers
Wordin Family Papers

Summary Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center
Fairfield Families Collection
Ms 37
Date [inclusive]
3.0 Linear feet (9 boxes, 2 oversize items)

Preferred Citation note

Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Biographical/Historical note

Information for some families can be found in their section of the finding aid.

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Scope and Contents note

This artificial collection contains small collections from families as well as individuals in Fairfield. They are arranged alphabetically in folders with later accruals in later boxes and not in alphabetical order. Consult the finding aid for the location of a particular family.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT

Conditions Governing Access note

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Conditions Governing Use note

Use of the material requires compliance with the Fairfield Museum and History Center regulations.

Processing Information note

This collection was originally processed by Martha Rockwell in January 1985 and continues to be added to.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Bridgeport Whaling Co. (Bridgeport, Conn.).
  • Fairfield County Agricultural Society.
  • Fairfield Historical Society (Fairfield, Conn.).
  • Fairfield Memorial Library (Fairfield, Conn.).
  • Flood Management Program (Conn.) .
  • Harvest (Ship) .
  • Merritt Parkway Advisory Committee.
  • Southport Congregational Church (Southport, CT).
  • Working Girl's Vacation Society..

Family Name(s)

  • Adams family
  • Allen family
  • Alvord family
  • Anti family
  • Barlow family
  • Benson family
  • Budington family
  • Callender family
  • Chapman family
  • Chauncey family
  • Clark family
  • Coley family
  • Cook family
  • Davis family
  • Denny family
  • Disbrow family
  • Downs family
  • Dunning family
  • Fairchild family
  • Fitzgerald family
  • Forgue family
  • Goodsell family
  • Gorham family
  • Gray family
  • Green family
  • Halasz family
  • Hall family
  • Hawkins family
  • Hazard family
  • Henshaw family
  • Holbrook family
  • Howell family
  • Hubbard family
  • Hubbell family
  • Jackson family
  • Johnson family
  • Judson family
  • Kent family
  • Lewis family
  • Lockwood family
  • Mallett family
  • Middlebrook family
  • Millbank family
  • Mills family
  • Nash family
  • Parrack family
  • Penfield family
  • Pepper family
  • Pike family
  • Raymond family
  • Redfield family
  • Riley family
  • Rogers family
  • Rumsey family
  • Scofield family
  • Shelton family
  • Smedley family
  • Smith family
  • Squier family
  • Szymanski family
  • Taintor family
  • Taylor family
  • Tracy family
  • Treadwell family
  • Wilson family
  • Worden family

Geographic Name(s)

  • Bridgeport (Conn.)
  • Fairfield(Conn.)
  • Southport(Conn.)
  • Stratfield (Conn.)
  • Stratford (Conn.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Angevine, Evelyn
  • Arens, Egmont
  • Baldwin, Abraham D., 1788-1862
  • Barnum , P. T. (Phineas Taylor), 1810-1891
  • Beardsley, Clifford W., d. 1957
  • Brett, George P. (George Platt), 1893-1984
  • Budd, Burr
  • Burr, Harriet E.
  • Busat, Victoria
  • Callender, Esther Sayre, 1793-1855
  • Callender, Thomas L. (Thomas Loring)
  • Chauncey, Charles, 1747-1823
  • Chauncey, Israel
  • Child, Frank Samuel, 1854-1922
  • Clark, Cameron, b. 1922
  • Corbusier, Alfred B. (Alfred Bascomb), b. 1823
  • Daily, Thomas A., b. 1956
  • Donaldson, Chase
  • Donaldson, Elinor Thompson
  • Eddy, George
  • Eliot, Andrew, 1744-1805
  • Frank, John M.
  • Gallagher, William D., 1845-1884
  • Gilbert, Burr
  • Gilden, Joseph
  • Glover, Addie M.
  • Gray, Asahel Johnson, 1814-1908
  • Gray, John Silliman, b. 1845
  • Griffin, Betty
  • Halasz, Julius, d. 1952
  • Halasz, Mary Anti
  • Havard, Aline, 1889-
  • Hazard, John, 1719-1771
  • Judah, Moses
  • Judson, David, 1747-1841
  • Kent, Mary Hazard
  • Kent, Moss
  • Kruzsylak, William George
  • Lacey, Charlotte Alvord
  • Lowery, Charles
  • Lowery, Sarah Jones, 1828-1911
  • McGarry, Patrick
  • Merchant, Joel
  • Morris, Annie M.
  • Neale, Harold W.
  • Osgood, Samuel, 1812-1880
  • Pepper, Ellis S.
  • Pike, Samuel, 1827-1890
  • Prentice, Winthrop
  • Riley, George, ca. 1842-1867
  • Riley, Patrick, 1813-1892
  • Robenson, Eunice, 1790-1854
  • Rodgers, Richard, d. 1980
  • Rogers, Dorothy
  • Rowland, Joseph F.
  • Sheffield, Paschal
  • Shelton, Philo, 1785-1825
  • Shelton, Sarah Bradley, 1818-1863
  • Shelton, William, 1798-1883
  • Sherman, David, 1665-1753
  • Sherwood, David H., 1829-1892
  • Sherwood, John Henry, 1825-1918
  • Smedley, John, 1734-1786
  • Smedley, Samuel, 1753-1812
  • Smith, Adeline
  • Smith, Horace
  • Spencer, Robert
  • Taylor, Mary Darlington
  • Tomlinson, Gideon, 1740-1854
  • Trubee, Ansel, 1747-1823
  • Upshaw, Willie, 1957-
  • Wales, Isabelle Guilbert
  • Webb, Joseph, 1666-1732
  • Welch, Elijah
  • Welles, Dot
  • Wilson, Eleazer, 1792-1857
  • Wilson, Thurza Nichols, 1826-1917
  • Winton, Joseph
  • Winton, Peter
  • Worden, Nathaniel Sherwood, b. 1813
  • Worden, Oliver N., b. 1817
  • Wordin, Samuel, 1760-1833
  • Wordin, Thomas C., 1787-1852
  • Wordin, William, 1734-1808
  • Wordin, William, 1760-1814


  • Account books--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Agriculture--Connecticut.
  • Agriculture--New York (State)
  • Agriculture--Societies, etc.
  • Authors, American--20th century.
  • Autograph albums.
  • Baseball players.
  • Baseball--Japan.
  • Bible records.
  • Business--United States.
  • Churches--Connecticut.
  • Connecticut. National Guard
  • Correspondence.
  • Deeds--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Diaries.
  • Diplomas.
  • Draft registration--Connecticut.
  • Fairfield (Conn.)--History
  • Fairfield (Conn.)--Social life and customs.
  • Fairfield (Conn.). Public Schools
  • Farmers--Connecticut
  • Fish and game licenses--Connecticut.
  • Genealogy.
  • Green Cottage
  • Merchants--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Merritt Parkway (Conn.)
  • Military orders
  • Municipal officials and employees.
  • Music Scores.
  • Oyster fisheries
  • Passports.
  • Patent licenses--United States.
  • Photographs.
  • Political campaigns--United States--Press coverage--United States.
  • Probate records--Connecticut--Fairfield
  • Real property--Valuation.
  • Receipts(financial records)
  • Roads--Connecticut
  • Schools--Connecticut.
  • Sermons.
  • Ships
  • Slaves--Connecticut.
  • Wills.
  • Writs--Connecticut.

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Collection Inventory

 Box I-Folder A Adams Family Papers 1923-1962   41 items

Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of correspondence, deeds and mortgage papers concerning land and buildings at 1975 Mill Plain Road sold by Russell Lombard to Arthur and Frederick Adams who ran a wholesale florist business there. This property was sold to Joseph Neverdousky in 1960.

General note

These items are from accession number L87.June.2

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 Box I-Folder A-I Allen Family Papers 1772-1915   6 items

Deed from Ebenezer Jesup to Stephen Allen 1813 

Deed from Daniel Murray, Jr. to Benjamin Allen 1814 

Probate paper, estate distribution of David Allen 1779 

Mortgage release from Sereno Allen to Lizzie M. Thomas, et al. 1915 

Bill from John Allen, Fairfield town treasurer 1772 

Bill from Gould Allen for gaol expenses 1830 

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 Box I-Folder B Alvord Family Papers 1774-1866   6 items

Writ, Belah Alvord vs. John Holland 1774 

Writ, John Alvord vs. Eliphelet Bradley 1786 

Writ, John Alvord vs. Joel Hubbill 1791 

Writ, John Alvord vs. Daniel Meeker 1818 

Letter, Jessup Alvord to Charles L. Mills 1866 

Letter, P. D. Carrique to E. J. Alvord (written on a Fairfield House (summer resort) brochure) 1866 

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 Box VIII-Folder BB Angevine, Evelyn Papers--Merritt Parkway Advisory Committee Records 1974-1977, 1986 

Biographical/Historical note

These items from the estate of Evelyn Angeline were found among the records of the Sasquanaug Association and donated to the Historical Society by that organization since they did not directly document their own work. Angeline served on the Merritt Parkway Commission in the 1950's and continued her interest in the scenic roadway through preservation efforts in the 1970's and 1980's. The records Angevine saved are very scattered. This series comes from accession number L1998.20.

 Folder BB Flyer, memoranda, newspaper clipping 

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 Box IX Anti/Halasz Family Papers 1904-1956   3 folders

Biographical/Historical note

Julius Halasz immigrated to the United States from Hungary in 1906. He married Maria (Mary) Anti in 1912. Mary immigrated from Hungary in 1906 with her father Janos (John), mother Katalin (Katherine) Varga Anti and her brother Janos (John). The spelling of the Anti family name was later changed to Antey due to the negative connotation of Anti.

Julius and Mary built a house at 82-84 Dalewood Avenue in the Grasmere area.

Julius worked at Casco and kept a garden in a lot on Ardmore Street. He enjoyed making his own wine from the grapes he grew. He was killed by a car while crossing the street in 1952. He had just left the Ash Creek Saloon after having a night cap.

All the family members are buried at Mountain Grove Cemetery.

All biographical information is courtesy of the donor of the collection, Katherine E. Antey Philbrook whose grandparents were Janos (John) and Katherine.

Related Archival Materials note

The wax flower bridal headdress worn by Mary Anti Halasz at her wedding is in the museum collections.

General note

The items in this collection are from accession number L2006.12.

Folder L 

Passports for Julius Halasz and James Anti (and family), ca. 1906 

Ticket for Anti family members passage on the Bremen 1906 

Certificate of Naturalization for Julius Halasz 1926 

Alien registration cards for Mary Anti Halasz 1955 

Julius Halasz death certificate 1952 

Folder M 

Savings account passbook 1909-1925 

Mortgage documents 1932-1933 

Building contract 1932 

Receipt 1958 

Folder N-Photographs 

Tintype, Katherine, Mary and John Jr. Anti 

Julius and Mary Halasz in wedding attire 1912 

Julius and Mary Halasz 1921 

Mary Anti 1908 

Julius and Mary Halasz ca. 1915 

Mary Anti ca. 1921 

Julius Halasz ca. 1912 

Julius Halasz 1920 

Julius and Mary Halasz ca. 1915 

Julius and Mary Halasz ca. 1933 

Home at 82-84 Dalewood Ave 1930 

Home at 82-84 Dalewood Ave 2004 

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 Box VIII-Folder Y Arens, Egmont Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Mr. Egmont Arens, who owned waterfront property in Southport at 273 Harbor Rd., proposed the construction of a swimming pool and sea wall, and later a floating dock into the Mill River. His correspondents included the U.S. Engineer Office and the Connecticut Flood Control and Water Policy Commission. Plans were drawn by Andrew Huntington and Thomas Currie.

Correspondence, plot plans, blueprints, maps, and notes 1939-1949 

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 Box II-Folder M Baldwin, Abraham D. Papers 1863   1 item

Probate paper of Abraham Baldwin (1788-1862) 

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 Box I-Folder C Barlow Family Papers 1748-1784   8 items

Deed from Samuel Trowbridge to John Barlow 1748 

Writ, William Seeley vs. David Barlow 1748 

Writ, Gershom Stephens vs. David Barlow 1773 

Writ, John Barlow vs. Richard Ellwood 1774 

Writ, David Hubbell vs. Nehemiah Barlow 1784   2 items

Writ, George Barlow vs. David Hubbell 1784 

Letter from Joel Barlow to Ezekial Williams 

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 Box I-Folder D Barnum, P. T. Papers 1851-1890   22 items

Biographical/Historical note

P. T. Barnum (1810-1891) was born in Bethel, CT. Although he is most famous for his circuses and museums, he was also a member of the Connecticut legislature, a bank president, Mayor of Bridgeport, a real estate dealer, newspaper editor and general entrepreneur. He settled in Bridgeport, CT in 1848 in an area which was at that time part of Fairfield.

Letter from Oliver H. Perry 1877 

Letter from Dr. Osgood 1879   2 items

Letter from Dr. L. C. Warner 1880, 1883, 1890   3 items

Letter from Mrs. Ethel Thomas n.d. 

Letter from Mr. Smith (photocopy) n.d. 

Promissory note from Julia A. Denning to P. T. Barnum 1886 

Letter from Peter Barnum to Ezra (photocopy) with accompanying letter 1845, 1981 

Funeral service and commemoration of P. T. Barnum n.d.   2 items

Etching of P. T. Barnum's house n.d. 

Jenny Lind programs 1851, n.d.   2 items

Tickets and programs n.d.   4 items

Republican ticket 1880 

Deed from P. T. Barnum to Mrs. Marth G. Aumack 1880 

 Oversize Item C Broadside of the Emancipation from prison of P. T. Barnum, Danbury, CT 1832 

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 Box VII-Folder L Beardsley, Clifford W. Papers 1917-1957 

Warranty deeds concerning property on Jackson Ave. in Fairfield. 1917, 1922 

Certificate of devise 1957 

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 Box I-Folder E Benson Family Papers 1814-1935   18 items

Bills and bills receipted to Abraham Benson 1814-1815   8 items

Bills and bills receipted from Abraham Benson n.d.   1 item

Bills and bills receipted from William Benson 1816, 1820   2 items

Account n.d. 

Writ, David Rowel vs. Abraham Benson 1821 

Land maps and survey bill 1821, n.d.   3 items

Letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Mr. Hevlyn D. Benson (copy) 1931 

Letter from Finette Benson Nichols to Mr. J. Walter Perry 1935 

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 Box V-Folders A-C Brett, George Platt Sr. Papers 1924-1936 

Biographical/Historical note

George Platt Brett (1858-1936) was born in London. He became president of the Macmillan Publishing Co. in New York and moved to Greenfield Hill in Fairfield where he maintained an outstanding pinetum on Congress St.

General note

The items in this series come from accession number L88.Jan.2.

 Folder A George Platt Brett Sr.'s diaries 1924, 1927-1932   2 items

 Folder B George Platt Brett Sr.'s diary 1932-1936 

 Folder C George Platt Brett's, Sr. obituary and newspaper article 1936 

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 Box I-Folder F Budd, Burr Papers 1877   3 items

Application for patent for improvement in gun cleaning of Burr L. Budd 

Patent reissue 

Letter to Samuel Glover re: patent 

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 Box VIII-Folder B Budington Family Papers 1777-1890 

Permit, issued to Walter Budington (copies) 1777-1778   1 items

Receipt (copy 1779 

Birth, death and marriage records 1809-1890   2 items

Typed genealogy of Walter Budington n.d. 

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 Box VIII-Folder W Burr, Harriet E. Papers 

Autograph album 1879-1887 

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 Box IX-Folder I Busat, Victoria Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Victoria and August Busat lived on Tunxis Hill in Fairfield in the 1940's.

Poem written in German 1955 

Fragment of a note 

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 Box I-Folder G Callender Family Papers 1839-1949   42 items

Biographical/Historical note

Thomas Loring Callender was married to Esther Sayre (1795-1855), daughter of James Sayre and Eunice Dennie. Her first husband was Moses Judah who died around 1830. Judah and Callender was a lock and hardware business in New York City.

Letters to Thomas Callender, business and personal 1822-1847   33 items

Letters to Mrs. Thomas Callender, New York City from Elizabeth Hull, Fairfield, CT are of local interest 1839-1849   9 items

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 Box I-Folder H Chapman Family Papers 1775-1819   11 items

Biographical/Historical note

Daniel Chapman (1688/9-1741) married Grissel Dennie (1696/7-1754). Their son Dennie Chapman married Desire Lovel and they had sons Lovel Chapman, b. 1755, and Dennie Chapman, b. 1757.

Writ, Nathan Godfry vs. Dennie Chapman 1775 

Writ, Lovel Chapman vs. Alva Burr 1803 

Bills to Dennie Chapman 1788, n.d.   2 items

Deed from Samuel Gordon to Albert Chapman 1819 

Bond from Simon Couch to Lovel Chapman 1795 

Bond from Gershom Bulkley to Dennie Chapman 1790 

Due payment from Dennie Chapman, Jr. 1788 

Promissory notes 1785-1789   3 items

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 Box IX-Folder A Chauncey Family Papers 1714, 1847 

Biographical/Historical note

The Chauncey family was from Stratford, CT. Charles Chauncey was a minister and president of Harvard College.

Custodial History note

This series was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. R. Godfrey probably in the 1950's.

Copy of will 1714 

Copies of baptismal record and probate litigation for Israel Chauncey 1847 

Deposition 1847 

Copy of biographical entry from Elliot's Biographical Dictionary 

Genealogical chart 

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 Box I-Folder I Child, Frank Samuel Papers 1907-1922   9 items

Biographical/Historical note

Frank Samuel Child (1854-1922) was minister of the First Church of Christ, Fairfield, CT from 1888 to 1920 and one of the founders of the Fairfield Historical Society in 1902.

Addresses 1907, 1910   2 items

Book advertisement for An Old New England Town n.d. 

In Memoriam service 1922 

Memorial messages n.d.   2 items

Letters to the Rev. Frank S. Child from Timothy Dwight re: dedication of Fairfield Library 15 April 1903, 22 July 1903   2 items

Invitation to attend the groundbreaking of a statue of Joan of Arc 1915 

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 Box II-Folder N1 and N2 Clark Family Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Cameron Clark, Jr. attended Yale and upon graduation joined the Navy. He was assigned to the USS Prairie State and then to the sub chase training center in Miami, FL. In January 1945 he transferred to Newport, RI, assigned to the USS  Parmina and saw the end of the War in Tokyo Harbor. He was mustered out of the service in 1946.

General note

The items in this series come from accession numbers L88.Jan.2 and L90.Jul.1.

 Folder N1 Postcards to Cameron Clark (b. 1992) and his sister Cordelia Clark (b. 1925) from Ellsworth Merwin (1913-1946). These postcards were written on a western trip during July, August and September 1935. 

Related Archival Materials note

Photocopies of the cards are on the library shelf, Clark-Merwin Postcard collection (808.86932 c592).

 Folder N-2 Naval papers of Ensign Cameron Clark, Jr. 1942-1946 

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 Box I-Folder J Coley Family Papers 1790-1855   6 items

Military letter to H. M. Coley from Horace Banks 1836 

Michael Coley's bills of sale of Sloop Nancy   2 items

Petition of Levi Coley 1842 

To Hezekiah Coley, Justice of the Peace re: tenant removal 1855 

Writ, John Coley vs. Gersham Hubbell 1790 

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 Box IV-Folder L Corbusier, Alfred B. Papers 1853-1890   2 items

Biographical/Historical note

John Peniston Corbusier, a furniture maker, was born in 1792 in Bermuda and died in Southport, CT in 1877. His son, Alfred Bascomb Corbusier, was born in New York City in 1823 and lived in Bridgeport, CT. He was a furniture varnisher and later a dancing instructor.

Alfred B. Corbusier account book 1853-1890 

Custodial History note

Gift of Mrs. Charles Hart Spencer, Jr.

Hand-book for the pupil of A. B. Corbusier 1867 

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 Box VI Daily, Thomas A. Papers 1980-1989 

Biographical/Historical note

Thomas A. Daily was born in 1956 and ran as the Republican nominee for State Representative from the 134th District. He lost the election.

General note

Items in this series are from accession number L90.Dec.15.

 Folder A Campaign leaflets, papers and buttons 1980-1989   3 items

 Folder B Newspaper clippings 1980-1989   40 items

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 Box I-Folder K Davis Family Papers 1771-1838   11 items

Deed from Thomas Davis to Joseph W. Davis 1814 

Gere Davis bankruptcy petition 1804 

Writ, Ebenezer Davis vs. William Cable 1771 

Writ, John Crossman vs. John Davis 1773, 1774   3 items

Writ, Mary Davis vs. Medad Bradley 1784   3 items

Writ, Ebenezer Davis (Weston) vs. Tony Jacklin (Freeman) 1823 

Letter re: Abigail Davis' husband's pension 1838 

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 Box I-Folder L Denny (Dennie) Family Papers 1709-1714   9 items

Biographical/Historical note

James Dennie (1702/3-1759) son of Albert married Eunice Sturgis. Their daughter Eunice (1732-1805) married Thaddeus Burr (1735-1801), a leading citizen of Fairfield.

Albert Denny's estate expense account 1709, 1710, n.d.   3 items

Albert Denny's estate distribution 1713, 1714 

Papers re: Joseph Wakeman's guardianship of Albert Denny's children 1709-1714   6 items

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 Box I-Folder M Disbrow Family Papers 1772-1838   9 items

Deed from Joseph Gray to Isaac Disbrow 1808 

Deed from Aaron Rumsey (Westport) to Joseph Disbrow 1838 

Writ, Elias Disbrow vs. Joshua Disbrow 1772 

Writ, Comfort Sands vs. Jabez Disbrow 1773 

Writ, Nathan Disbrow vs. Ebenezer Squire 1775 

Writ, Ananias Langin vs. Joshua Disbrow 1782 

Writ, Asahel Disbrow vs. Elias Disbrow 1789 

Writ, Justus Disbrow vs. Stephen Guyer 1792 

Money receipt to Joseph Disbrow 1797 

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 Box IX Donaldson, Chase Papers   2 folders

Biographical/Historical note

Chase Donaldson was born in California to Dr. Frank Donaldson and Ethel Sprague. He was the great-grandson of Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase. He married Elinor Thompson on 14 June 1930. He was previously widowed with three children. Elinor was born in Delaware and attended Miss Porter’s School in Farmington.

After marrying the couple lived in the Oliver T. Sherwood house on Pequot Road (now number 683) from approximately 1933-1938. Chase also maintained a home in New York City where he worked as a broker.

Custodial History note

The items in this collection were found by the donor during a 2008 renovation of the Oliver T. Sherwood home. They are from accession number L2008.6.

Folder O 

Letters from Elinor Thompson to her fiancé Chase Donaldson ca. 1930   10 items

Folder P 

Letters to Chase Donaldson from unidentified, one may be from his mother Ethel Sprague 1930   2 items

Polo-Horse Show ticket 1930 

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 Box I-Folder N Downs (Down) Family Papers 1770-1861   21 items

Writ, Thomas Treadwell vs. Chauncey Downs 1770 

Writ, Joseph Smith vs. Nathaniel Down 1773 

Writ, Mary Downs vs. George Batterson, Jr. 1779 

Deed from Elizabeth Sturges to Levi Down 1840 

Insurance papers to Levi Downs 1845, 1849   2 items

Estate papers of Levi Downs (1786-1855) 1843-1856 

Estate papers of Mrs. Elizabeth Taylore Downs (1786-1861) 1857-1861   9 items

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 Box I-Folder O Dunning Family Papers 1861-1887   4 items

Biographical/Historical note

Elijah C. Dunning lived in Fairfield and then moved to Bridgeport around 1850.

Military papers of Elijah C. Dunning 1861, 1867   2 items

Builder's agreement between Julia A. Dunning and William Waterhouse, 20 Liberty St., Bridgeport 1886 

Room rentals to H.W. Morton, 20 Liberty St. 1887 

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 Box I-Folder P Eddy, George Papers   6 items

Biographical/Historical note

George Eddy (1837-1916) lived on Osborn Place, Southport, CT.

Custodial History note

The items in this series were a gift of Emma Sundquist on 19 October 1977.

Account books--tax list with loose map 1908-1915   2 items

Account books--journals with loose papers 1912-1916, n.d.   4 items

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 Box I-Folder Q Eliot, Rev. Andrew Papers 1779-1805   7 items

Biographical/Historical note

Rev. Andrew Eliot was born in Boston in 1744 and died in Fairfield in 1805. He was educated at Harvard and ordained the pastor of the First Church, Fairfield in 1774.

Sermon preached at First Church & Society, Fairfield 1779 

Sermon preached at Mr. S. Adams 1792, 1794 

Letters (copies) from A. Elliot, gift of A. Elizabeth Jennings 1781   2 items

Letter (copy) believed to be from Rev. Timothy Dwight 1805 

Original of above letter 

Letter to Joseph Fish from A. Eliot 1780 

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 Box I-Folder R Fairchild Family Papers 1787-1855   8 items

Writ, Benjamin Fairchild vs. Abel Gold 1787 

Deed from Hiram Chapman to Samuel G. Fairchild 1819 

Deed from David L. Gray to Silliman A. Fairchild 1839 

Boat sale from Abraham Allen to Silliman Fairchild 1852 

Oyster planting permit to Silliman A. Fairchild (Westport) 1855   2 items

Notice to Silliman Fairchild for rubbish removal 1855 

Promissory note to Silliman Fairchild 1839 

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 Box I-Folder S Fitzgerald Family Papers 1869-1881   54 items

Bill from Fairfield Middle School District (taxes) to Patrick Fitzgerald 1873   2 items

Bill from Town of Fairfield (taxes) to Patrick Fitzgerald 1869-1875   5 items

Misc. bills arranged by date 1868-1881   35 items

Misc. bills n.d.   12 items

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 Box I-Folder T Forgue Family Papers 1784-1791   11 items

Biographical/Historical note

Sarah Dennie's (1724-1796) first husband was James Sayre and second husband Francis Forgue (1730-1783).

Administration of Dr. Francis Forgue's estate (photocopy from the CT State Library) 1784, 1791   6 items

Deed from Ezra Wheeler to Sarah Forgue 1783, 1784   3 items

Deed from Sarah Forgue to James Hoyt 1786   2 items

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 Box V-Folder F Frank, John M. Papers 

Account book of John M. Frank (Southport, CT) 1897-1899 

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 Box VIII-Folder M Gallagher, William D. Diary 1880 

Biographical/Historical note

William D. Gallagher (1845-1884) was the son of Dennis and Mary J. Banks Gallagher. William lived and worked on his father's farm and documented his activities in his diary. In addition to farming and visiting, he also kept a record of births, deaths, birthdays and anniversaries of friends and acquaintances.

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 Box VIII-Folder C Gilbert, Burr papers   2 items

Appointment as Brigadier General, Connecticut militia 1805 


Bond 1810 

Manuscript Box

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 Box VIII-Folder N Gilden, Joseph Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Joseph Gilden, born in Stamford, CT, was a practicing chiropodist in Fairfield. He was one of the founding members of the Fairfield Lion's Club. The fishing license he was issued in 1943 includes his photograph and finger print, a means of reducing possible spying in the early years of World War II.

Custodial History note

These items were donated by Joseph himself in May of 1996 (L96May40).

Fishing license 1943 

Selective service classification cards 1946-1947 

Lion's Club membership card 1973 

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 Box IX-Folder H Glover, Addie M. Papers 

Letter from Wilma of South Framingham, MA to Addie Glover of South Quincy 1886 

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 Box I-Folder U Goodsell Family Papers 1771-1806   9 items

Writ, Stephen Brundage vs. Samuel Goodsell 1771 

Writ, John Goodsell vs. Moses Dimon 1772 

Writ, Ezekiel Canfield vs. Lewis Goodsell 1772 

Writ, David Hubbell vs. John Hubbell 1781 

Writ, Lewis Goodsell vs. Daniel Squier 1786 

Writ, Lewis Goodsell vs. David Smith 1786 

Ebenezer Howes vs. David Goodsell 1787 

Indenture between Lewis Goodsell and Walter Buddington 1786 

Bill to Captain Goodsell from Simon Schumerhorn 1806 

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 Box I-Folder V Gorham Family Papers 1770-1818   16 items

Writ, Andrew Rowland vs. Lockwood Gorham 1770 

Writ, Thad Banks vs. Jabez Gorman 1771 

Writ, Joseph Gorman vs. Benjamin Wynkoop 1771 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Mary Hazard 1772 

Writ, Shubil Gorham vs. Samuel Ogden 1773 

Writ, Shuball Gorman vs. Daniel Bradley 1776 

Writ, Lockwood Gorham vs. Belah Alvord 1776 

Miriam Gorham probate papers 1770, 1771 

Unknown probate papers 

Deed from David Couch to Martha Gorham 1779 

Deed from Increase Struges, et al. to Joseph Gorham II 1818 

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 Box VIII-Folder I and J Gray Family Account Books 1802-1888   2 folders

Biographical/Historical note

Asahel was the son of Aaron Gray (1780-1856) of Greenfield Hill. Asahel's son was John S. Gray, a butcher of Greenfield.

 Folder I Asahel Johnson Gray Shoemaker's account book 1842-1888 

Custodial History note

Gift of Charles Gray, Fairfield, Conn. on September 20, 1995 (L95 Sep 43). Asahel was the donor’s great-grandfather.

 Folder J John Silliman Gray Butcher's account book; also includes labor account possibly from Aaron Gray 1865, 1802-1806 

Custodial History note

Gift of Charles Gray, Fairfield, Conn., on September 20, 1995 (L95 Sep 43). See also the meat cleaver, part of the same donation, in the museum collection.

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 Box I-Folder W Gray Family Papers 1771-1870   19 items

 Folder W Papers 1771-1880 

Writ, John Batterson vs. Elisha Gray 1771 

Genealogy papers n.d.   2 items

Writing sample by Charles Gray 1868 

Papers from account book belonging to the Grays 1864-1868   11 items

Photocopies of pictures of houses built by Charles 1920 

Letterhead: Howard Gray, dealer in antique building materials 

List of houses built by Charles Gray 

Farm and shoemaker's account with Sharp and Whitcomb (fabrics dealer), accounts in front of book, N.Y. 1831-1833 

Receipted note to Amos Madden from Burton Gray 1809 

Account book of Henry Gray 1865-1870 

Item A

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 Box I-Folder X Green Family Papers 1810-1893   13 items

Biographical/Historical note

The Green Cottage was located in Green's Farms, CT. It was established around 1880 and given to the Working Girl's Vacation Society.

Material re: Misses L. M. and M. R. Green's School in New York City   3 items

Memoriam booklets to Lucy Merriam Green 1810-1893   2 items

Green Cottage brochure with pictures   3 items

Newspaper clippings   5 items

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 Box VI-Folder D Griffin, Betty Papers   8 items

Religious materials from Bible belonging to Betty Griffin of James St. in Fairfield 

Custodial History note

This was a gift of Miss Regina Kiely of Bridgeport, CT on 10 August 1982.

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 Box VII-Folders J-L Hall Family Papers 1802-1904   35 items

General note

These items come from accession number 92.Oct.9

 Folder J Papers 

Writ, Daniel Hall vs. Stephen Sherwood re: sheep 1802 

Writ re: return of sheep to Daniel Hall 1802 

Writ, Ebenezer Mallett vs. Nathan Wheeler 1803 

Writ, George Burr vs. George Platt, et al. 

Promissory note from Daniel and Turney Hall 1812 

 Folder K Bills to Coan and Hall 1880 

 Folder L Papers 

Ormel Hall's bank book 1922 

Carthage High School exercise and letters from Carthage 1906 

Letters to Clarissa Hall and teaching certificate 

Wedding invitations to Zalmon Hall 1879, 1881   2 items

Miscellaneous letters n.d.   2 items

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 Box VI-Folder F Havard, Aline Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Aline Havard was a local author, crippled with arthritis since high school, who lived on the Old Post Road. She wrote many children's stories. She died in Towson, MD. Further information is available in the folder.

Related Archival Materials note

See the collection for Aline Havard's book The Two Runaways (813.54 H383T)

General note

This material from accession number L91.Mar.26

Typescript with correction of manuscript The Mountain Family: A Story of the Old Northwest by Aline Havard 1959 

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 Box I-Folder Y Hawkins Family Papers   3 items

Account book in account with Allen Nichols, Southport 1859 

Post card and bill to Mrs. Clarissa Hawkins   2 items

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 Box I-Folder Ya Henshaw Family Papers 1825-1855   7 items

Deed from Samuel Kellogg to Linus and Samuel Henshaw 1825 

Deed from Samuel Henshaw to Gideon Morehouse 1832 

Deed from Elizabeth Henshaw to Charles W. Sherman and James C. Hawley 1852   2 items

Deed from Robert Spencer to Elizabeth Henshaw 1852 

Deed from Samuel Henshaw to Charles W. Sherman, et al. 1855 

Land abstracts 1787-1832 

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 Box VI-Folder A Holbrook Family Papers 1837 

Account book of Jonathan D. and Daniel Holbrook 

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 Box I-Folder Z Howell Family Papers 1845-1869   9 items

Deed from Ira Benedict to William A. Howell 1845 

Deed from William White to William A. Howell 1846 

Deed from Eli B. Nichols to William A. Howell 1852 

Deed from William W. Howell to Henry B. Howell 1852 

Deed from Asariah B. Nichols to William W. and Henry B. Howell 1853 

Deed from Henry B. Howell to William W. Howell 1855 

Deed from Henry B. Howell , et al. to William W. Howell 1863 

Mary W. Howell probate papers 1869   2 items

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 Box I-Folder Za Hubbard Family Papers 1738-1741   2 items

Deed from John Whitmore to Zackariah Hubbard (Milford, CT) 1738 

Power of attorney to Zackariah Hubbard, Fairfield hatter from Thomas Edwards, New York City goldsmith 1741 

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 Box II-Folder A Hubbell Family Papers 1681-1892   17 items

Biographical/Historical note

The Hubbell family lived in the Stratfield, Greenfield and Newfield sections of Fairfield.

Deed from Richard Hubbell to John Hubbell 1681 

Deed from John Smith to Nathan Hubbell and Joseph Bradley, Jr. 1749 

Deed from Abel Hubbell to Daniel Hubbell 1750 

Writ, David Hubble vs. Thaddeus Jennings 1773 

Writ, John Hubble vs. Daniel Robertson 1781 

Writ, Israel Blackman and Thaddeus Hubbell vs. Ebenezer Dimon 1809 

Mable Hubble probate papers 1840   2 items

Custodial History note

Gift of Mrs. Frederick A. Petrie from Hubbell House on Greenfield Hill.

Power of attorney to Ezra Hawley from Ezra Hubbell 1751 

Notes and bills   8 items

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 Box II-Folder B Jackson Family Papers 1760-1906   25 items

Custodial History note

These items were a gift of Mrs. Lila Seeley Osborne Hall.

Deed from John Jackson to John Jackson, Jr. 1760   2 items

Deed from Peter Jackson to John Jackson, Jr. 1775   2 items

Deed from Samuel Lucey to John Jackson, Jr. 1776 

Deed from Samuel Stevens, et al. to John Jackson 1791 

Deed from Daniel and Rachel Roberts from John and Nathan Jackson 1800 

Deed from Naomi Jackson to Jemima Jackson 1813 

Deed from Jemima Jackson to Samuel Jackson 1828, 1831   3 items

Deed from Amos O. Jackson to Samuel Jackson 1831 

Deed from Aaron Sears to Samuel Jackson and Amos Hill 1831 

Deed from George Hill to Samuel Jackson 1844 

Jemima Jackson probate papers 1841   6 items

John Jackson probate papers 1810-1822   2 items

Elizabeth F. Jackson probate papers 1906 

Military papers re: exemption from Samuel Jackson 1820   2 items


Map of John Jackson's homestead 1811 


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 Box VIII-Folder G Jennings, George A. Papers   1 item

Wedding toast given by Jennings at the marriage of his son George to Ida. 1880 

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 Box II-Folder C Johnson Family Papers 1760-1822   3 items

Biographical/Historical note

James Johnson (1734-1810) was born in Stratford and was the minister in the parish of Weston.

Pamela and Abiah Johnson probate papers 1822   2 items

James Johnson's Yale diploma 1760 

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 Box II-Folder D Judah, Moses Papers   1 item

Related Archival Materials note

Appraisal inventory of the late Moses Judah with probate papers. For further detail see Box I, Folder G, Callender Family Papers.

Estate account book 1831-1832 

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 Box II-Folder E Judson Family Papers 1769-1815   31 items

Biographical/Historical note

David Judson (1757-1841) was born in Stratford and graduated from Yale in 1778. He settled in Fairfield and married Esther Bulkley in 1783. He was a storekeeper, postmaster, trustee of The Academy and founder of the first public library.

Deed from Josiah Hawley to Abner Judson 1769 

Deed from Ebenezer Knapp to David Judson 1784 

Deed from Ephraim Curtiss to David Judson 1789 

Deed from Wright White to David Judson 1790, 1792 

Deed from Stephen Fowler to David Judson 1790, 1792 

Deed from Peter Jennings to David Judson 1792 

Deed from Nehemiah Phippeny to David Judson 1793 

Deed from Gershom Burr to David Judson 1795 

Deed from Jese Benedict to David Judson 1798 

Deed from Ezra Hubbill to David Judson 1802 

Deed from Herman Humphrey to David Judson 1817 

Letter from Francis Sayre to David Judson 1806-1807   3 items

Letter from Francis Sayre to Mrs. Judson 1807 

Receipt from David Judson 1813 

Notes owed from David Judson 1796-1805 

David Judson's Yale diploma 1778 

Papers from David Judson's account book and name index from book   9 items

Hermen Humphrey sermon 1818 


David Judson's Store Account Book 1794-1815 

Item B

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 Box II-Folder F Kent (Hazard) Family Papers 1771-1781 

Biographical/Historical note

John Hazard (1719-1771) of Fairfield married Mary Wakeman in 1752. Mary was remarried to Moss Kent of Fredericksburg, NY. John Hazard owned several houses in Fairfield and Southport and was believed to be a Tory.

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. David Sturges 1773 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Josiah Couch 1773 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. John Crossman 1773 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. John Batterson 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. William Batterson 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Joshua Baker 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Joseph Gold 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Isaac Oysterbank 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Jeremiah Sturges 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Nathaniel Down 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Archibal Cammel 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. Amos Williams 1774 

Writ, Moses and Mary Kent vs. George Cable 1775 

Moss Kent vs. Moses Bradley 1781 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Luke Guyer 1771 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Peter Blackman 1772 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Lothrop Lewis 1773 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Thomas Whitlock 1773 

Writ, Mary Hazard vs. Daniel Meeker 1773 

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 Box VII-Folder N Kruzsylak, William George 1915-1927 

Biographical/Historical note

William George Kruzsylak farmed on Oldfield Rd.


School diploma 1915 

Manuscript Box

Wedding certificate for Cecelia Marie Haba and William George Kruzsylak from St. Thomas Church 1927 

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 Box VIII-Folders D-F Lacey, Charlotte Alvord Papers 1904-1939   3 folders

 Folder D Diary 1909 

 Folder E Papers written by Lacey 

Fairfield, Connecticut: Then and Now, 1639-1939 1939   6 pages

Important People in Early Fairfield 1940   6 pages

 Folder F Menu painted for Congregational Church, Southport 1904 

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 Box II-Folder G Lewis Family Papers 1755-1847   14 items

Sturgis Lewis (1731-1753) probate papers 1755 

Lothrop Lewis (1702-1773) probate papers n.d. 

Jonathan Lewis (1728-1792) probate papers 1793, 1794   3 items

Lothrop Lewis (1759-1817) probate papers 1817, 1818   3 items

Unknown probate papers n.d. 

Deed from Samuel Hodges to Ichabod Lewis 1814 

Deed from Andrew L. Lewis to Moses J. Taylor 1840 

Bill to Hannah Lewis 1773 

Bill to R. Lewis 1847 

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 Box II-Folder H Lockwood Family Papers   1 item

Deed from John Lockwood to Simon Couch 1721 

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Lowrey Family Papers 1866-1897   2 folders, 14 items

Biographical/Historical note

Charles Lowery married Sarah Jones (1828-1911) of Fairfield.

Custodial History note

These items were given by Mrs. Charles Kouns (Marion P.) in memory of her mother Mrs. John B. Putnam. The accession number is 1983.27.

 Box II-Folder I Passports and Photographs   11 items

Charles Lowery passport 1866, 1869, 1870   3 items

Sarah J. Lowery passport 1897 


Photographs of Charles and Sarah Lowery, Samuel Rowland and William Jones   8 items

Manuscript Box

 Box VII-Folder H Miscellaneous 

Charles Lowery Yale Alpha Delta Phi autograph book 1848 

Fairfield Historical Society membership certificate for Sarah J. Lowery 1908 

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 Box II-Folder J Mallett Family Papers 1825-1886   9 items

Biographical/Historical note

This Mallett family was from Fairfield, Trumbull and Easton.

Daniel Mallett estate papers 1832, 1833   4 items

Estate papers of Lewis Mallett 1825 

Bills to Josiah Mallett 1850, 1886   3 items

Letter to Annette Mallett 

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 Box II-Folder K McGarry, Patrick Papers 

Account book of meat market located in Fairfield on Spring Street near Cemetery Avenue. 1901-1902 

General note

This item was from accession number L1981.June.3.

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 Box II-Folder L Merchant Family Papers 1793   4 items

Biographical/Historical note

Joel Merchant and Levi Osborn are believed to have been partners in the clothier business.

Writ, Joel Merchant (Redding) vs. Elnathan Bradley 

Writ, Joel Merchant (Redding) vs. Ebenezer Jessup 

Writ, Joel Merchant and Levi Osborn vs. Abigail Sturges 

Writ, Joel Merchant and Levi Osborn vs. Jesse Bennitt 

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 Box II-Folder O Middlebrook Family Papers 1781-1875   5 items

Biographical/Historical note

The Middlebrooks were origianlly from Fairfield. Elijah Middlebrook (1785-1859) of Trumbull was a physician and publisher of Middlebrook's New England Almanac for 54 years.

Writ, Jonathan Middlebrook vs. Nehemiah Burr 1781 

Writ, Oliver Middlebrook vs. Sarah Odell 1785 

Writ, Samuel Middlebrook vs. Gershom Hubbell 1787 

Writ, Chas. S. Middlebrook vs. John Lobdell 1875 

Bill to Oliver Middlebrook 1825 

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 Box III-Folder A Milbank Family Papers 1887   2 items

Related Archival Materials note

Architectural drawings of the Milbank house are stored in the map case.

Specifications for house for Mrs. J. M. Milbank, Greenfield Hill, CT 

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 Box III-Folder B Mills Family Papers 1788-1796   3 items

Writ, Eli Mills vs. Benjamin Smith 1788 

Writ, David Burr vs. Daniel Mills 1794 

Promissory note from Benjamin and Jeramiah Mills to Mathia Williamson, Jr. 1796 

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 Box V-Folder E Morris, Annie M. Papers   1 items

Autograph book belonging to Annie M. Morris, Greenfield Hill, CT` 1891-1898 

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 Box VIII-Folder X Naphey, John H. Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

John Naphey of Bridgeport served in the Connecticut National Guard, 4th Section, Machine Gun Battery.

Enlistment certificate 1899 

Appointments 1898, 1902 

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 Box III-Folder C Nash Family Papers 1773-1827   3 items

Biographical/Historical note

Thomas Nash (1767-1814) lived in Westport.

Writ, Thomas Nash vs. Samuel Odell 1773 

Writ, Thomas Nash and Stephen Wakeman vs. Thomas Couch 1774 

Promissory note from William A. Batterson and Lewis N. Nash 1827 

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 Box IX-Folders J and K Neale, Harold W. Papers 1915-1968   2 folders

Biographical/Historical note

Robson Place in Fairfield was developed by Henry Robson about 1915. Harold Neale was the donor's grandfather, who purchased lot #22, now numbered 55.

 Folder J Plot plans for Robson place; plot plans of cess pools on Neale property 1915 

 Folder K Deeds and mortgage records; sewer tax receipts 1916-1968 

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 Box III-Folder D and Box VI-Folder E Osgood, Dr. Samuel papers 1862-1941   2 folders

Biographical/Historical note

Dr. Samuel Osgood (1812-1880) was a Unitarian minister in several churches, living in Fairfield only in the summer. His daughter, Mabel Osgood Wright (1859-1934) was an author and naturalist. She lived in Fairfield and was a close friend of Annie B. Jennings.

 Box III-Folder E Papers   31 items

Programs given by Dr. Osgood 1862-1865   2 items

Letters re: Centennial program of 1776 and 1779 1876-1879   12 items

Letter to J. H. Beach re: Mary Osgood 1892 

Postcard re: Dr. Osgood's New York church 1941 

Envelope to Rev. Samuel Osgood, D. D. 

 Box VI-Folder E Books from the library of Dr. Samuel Osgood   14 items

Custodial History note

These books were a gift of the Connecticut Audubon Society.

The Dutch at the North Pole and the Dutch in Maine, New York Historical Society 1857 

Commemoration of the Conquest of New Netherland, New York Historical Society 1864 

The Government of Sir Edmund Andros over New England, New York Historical Society 1867 

Memoir of the Centennial Celebration of Burgoyne's Surrender 1878 

The Great Conspiracy and England's Neutrality, Mr. Jay's Address 1861 

Speech of the Hon. Charles Sumner 1863 

The True Grandeur of Nations: Mr. Sumner's Oration 1845 

Romanticism in its Relations to Rome by Francis Wharton 1871 

Oration of the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth 1871 

An Address by Edward Everett 1861 

Bryant Among his Countrymen by Samuel Osgood 1879 

Sermon at the Consecration of the Church of th Messiah 1868 

"New England Magazine" 1832 

A Popular Description of St. Paul's Cathedral n.d. 

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 Box III-Folder E Parrack (Parrock) Family Papers 1726-1888   22 items

Biographical/Historical note

The spelling of the last names in this collection varied and later changed to Parrott.

General note

The bulk of the items in this series are accession number L81.Dec.1.

Obligation to Jonathan Wacklee from William, Daniel, John and Nathan Bardsle and Hannah Parrick (with photocopy), reverse side estate items to Hannah 1726-1727   3 items

Mary Parrack probate papers (Weston) 1810, 1818   2 items

Petition of Gershom Bradley to Uriah Parrack 1833 

Bill to Daniel Parrick 1847 

Account received from Mary Parrock (Greenfield) 1848 

Deed from Zachariah Squier to Elnathan Parrock 1747 

Deed from Elijah Hubbel to Elnathan Parrick 1749 

Deed from William Hill to Mary Parrack 1764 

Deed from Merwin (?) to Uriah Parrack 1820 

Deed from John Edwards to Daniel Parrack 1859 

Deed from Daniel Parrack to Deborah D. Parrack 1859 

Deed from Milo Lee to Daniel Parrack 1859 

Deed from Henry and Sarah A. Wheeler to Daniel Parrack 1860 

Deed from Deborah D. Parrack to Daniel Parrack 1862 

Deed from Silliman and Priscilla B. Godfrey to Daniel Parrack 1867 

Deed from William O. Sanford to Daniel Parrack 1871 

Deed from Daniel P. Parrack to Horace Fanton 1873 

Deed from Daniel P. Parrack to Alba Williams 1874 

Deed from Daniel P. Parrack to Seth Hill, et al. 1888 

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 Box III-Folder F Penfield Family Papers 1794-1828   9 items

Biographical/Historical note

Peter Penfield (1702-1772) was an early Fairfield settler. His two sons James (1732-1794) and Samuel (1734-1811) were successful business men.

James Penfield probate papers 1794   2 items

James Penfield (son) probate papers 1828 

Promissory note from Levi Mallery to Mary Penfield 1775 

Deed from Thaddeus Penfield to James Penfield 1795 

Deed from Nathan A. Hayes to James Penfield 1803 

Deed from Ebenezer Burr, II to James Penfield 1810 

Letter with table of genealogy 1869 

Samuel Penfield's store account book with index 1786-1789 

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 Box III-Folder G Pepper Family Papers 1903-1906   17 items

Biographical/Historical note

Ellis S. Pepper was appointed receiver of the Southport Natioanl Bank which had gone into bankruptcy. His letters were written from many locations including Southport, CT where he had a room at Mrs. Ellwood's house.

Letters from Ellis S. Pepper to "Deary" 1903-1906   15 items

A letter to Mrs. Pepper from Carrie Garrison Chappell n.d. 

Broadside of National Society of United States Daughters of 1812. 

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 Box III-Folder H Pike Family Papers 1852-1859   33 items

Biographical/Historical note

Samuel Pike (1827-1890), son of Julius Pike, ran a general store in Southport, CT.

Deed from Thomas H. Wheeler to Samuel Pike for horse and sausage making material 1863 

Handbills n.d.   2 items

Bills and bills receipted to Samuel Pike 1854-1857   16 items

Letters to Samuel Pike 1852-1856   13 items

Letters to Meeker & Pike 1859 

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 Box VI-Folder C Prentice, Winthrop Papers 

General note

Item is from accession number L89.Apr.21.

Biographical/Historical note

Winthrop Prentice's father was Rev. Dwight Nelson Prentice, a pastor at Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.

Diary belonging to Winthrop Prentice 1902 

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 Box VI-Folder B Raymond Family Papers 

Account books of Alva Raymond 1823-1829, 1832-1859, 1865-1872   3 items

Raymond genealogy paper 


David Raymond account book 1766-1852 

Item C

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 Box III-Folder I Redfield Family Papers 1801-1807   15 items

Biographical/Historical note

James Redfield (1763-1831) and Seth Redfield (1771-1813) were brothers.

Seth Redfield probate papers 1813   3 items

Bills and bills receipted to Seth Redfield 1803-1807   7 items

Bills and bills receipted to James Redfield 1804   4 items

Promissory note to Sarah Bulkley from Seth Redfield 1806 

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 Box III-Folder J Riley Family Papers 1836-1880 

Biographical/Historical note

Patrick Riley (1813-1892) was born in Ireland. He married Delia Smith (1817-1901) and was listed as a carpenter in the 1850 census.

Deed from William Bulkley to Delia Riley 1836 

Deed from Alba D. Wood to Patrick Riley 1838 

Deed from Charles Jennings to Patrick Riley 1882 

Release of mortgage on Fairfield property 1880 

Patrick Riley naturalization papers 1840 

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 Box V-Folder D Robenson (Robertson) Family Papers   1 item

General note

This item is from accession number L88.Apr.10.

Eunice Robenson's Common Place book 1821 

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 Box III-Folder K Rodgers, Richard and Dorothy Papers 1958-1980   4 items

Biographical/Historical note

Richard Rodgers and his wife Dorothy had a house in Fairfield for many years. He died in 1980 having written lyrics for Broadway shows since 1920.

A penciled musical score of "You are Too Beautiful" written by Rodgers and Hart with accompanying letters 1958   2 items

Letters from Dorothy Rodgers to the Fairfield Historical Society 1963, 1980   2 items

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 Box III-Folder L Rogers Family Papers 1786-1791   4 items

Biographical/Historical note

There are no published dates for the Rogers in this collection. Doctor Rogers is believed to have been a surgeon in the Revolutionary War.

Writ, Jediah Rogers vs. Hyat Banks 1786 

Writ, David Rogers vs. William Wakeman 1791 

Bill to David Rogers 1787 

Doctor David Rogers account letter 1789-1790 

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 Box IX-Folder B Rowland, Joseph F. Papers   1 item

Biographical/Historical note

Joseph Rowland was married to Delia S. Riley (1845-1873) of Southport. Letter was found in collections.

Letter from W. B. Randolph in Key West, Fla., to J. F. Rowland [Weston, Ct.], November 10, 1867 1867 November 10 

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 Box IV-Folder K Rumsey Family Papers 1771-1790   7 items

Writ, Joseph Rumsey vs. Daniel Bradley 1771 

Writ, David Rumsey vs. Solomon Couch 1773 

Writ, Walter Carson vs. David Rumsey 1774 

Writ, David Rumsey vs. Dennie Chapman 1774 

Writ, David Rumsey vs. Thomas Hill 1776 

Writ, Ephraim Rumsey vs. Elijah Abel 1790 

Note from Daniel Sherwood to David Rumsey 1776 

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 Box III-Folder N Scofield Family Papers 1802-1803   2 items

Deed from Eunice Holburton to Mary and Jessie Scofield 1802 

Deed from Eunice Holburton to Jesse Scofield 1803 

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 Box VII-Folder I Sheffield, Paschal Papers   4 items

Letters to F. D. Perry from Paschal Sheffield re: bank and insurance papers on his house, 104 Old South Rd., Southport March, June and July 1858 

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 Box III-Folder O-X Shelton Family Papers 1811-1930   3 folders

Biographical/Historical note

William Shelton (1798-1883) was the son of Philo Shelton (1785-1825), minister of Fairfield. Sarah Bradley Shelton (1818-1863) was the daughter of Hull Bradley.

Custodial History note

Sarah Shelton's diary was the gift of Rodney Merwin. Items in Folder X were donated by Alice B. Colonna and are from accession number L90.Sep.7.

 Folder O Diary and scrapbook of Sarah Shelton 1837-1863 

 Folder W Papers 

Letter of condolence to Mrs. Philo Shelton 1825 

Sermon by William Shelton 1859 

 Folder X Papers 

Letters from Philo Shelton 1811, 1823 

Letter to H. T. Shelton, Jr. 1886 

Frances Isham Shelton passports and wedding book 1907 

Lease to Henry Shelton 1930 

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 Box III-Folder P Sherman, David Papers 1708-1742   8 items

Biographical/Historical note

David Sherman (1665-1753) was born in Stratford, CT and died in Stratfield, CT.

Deed from Jeremiah Judson to Capt. David Sherman 1726 

Deed from David Sherman, Sr. to Samuel Sherwood 1730 

Deed from Nathaniel Sely to Capt. David Sherman 1730 

Deed from Samuel Wheeler to Capt. David Sherman 1736 

Deed from John Hall to Capt. David Sherman 1737 

Deed from Benjamin Bennit to Capt. David Sherman 1738 

Slave paper to Capt. David Sherman from John Betts 1741 


 Oversize Item C Military certificate to Capt. David Sherman from Gurdon Saltonstall, Governor of CT 

Manuscript Box

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 Box VIII-Folder AA Sherwood Family Papers   4 items

Applications and deeds for oyster beds on the Mill River 1867, 1883 

Custodial History note

These documents were donated in 1998 by John Sherwood whose family has lived in Southport for generations.

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 Box VIII-Folder T-V Sherwood, John Henry Papers 1843-1867   3 folders

Custodial History note

These items were donated by David S. Huntington in October 1996 (L96.36).

Biographical/Historical note

John Henry Sherwood (1825-1918), the son of Hull Sherwood and Caroline Burr, was a farmer who resided at Greenfield Hill. His brother David H. Sherwood (1829-1892) also farmed.

Scope and Contents note

John's correspondence includes a letter from P. T. Barnum concerning preparations for the upcoming agricultural fair (1 Sept. 1851). Other letters relate to farming or family news. Evidently John was active in the Fairfield County Agricultural Society--the collection includes a copy of the society's constitution; lists of committee members; statements of crops raised by Hull Sherwood and Sons, 1850, attested to by David Sherwood; essays on the benefits of agricultural societies and a report on feed crops. The genealogy notes primarily concern the Shelton family. The school records encompass a note, 1867, from Anna Godfrey to Dimon Bradley, both of Easton, concerning the end of school terms and who appears to be an attendance record.

 Folder T Correspondence to John Sherwood 1846-1852 

 Folder U Fairfield County Agricultural Society records 1843-1850 

 Folder V Genealogy notes, school records, and voting list n.d., 1867 

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 Box III-Folder Q Smedley Family Papers 1770-1787   12 items

Biographical/Historical note

John Smedley (1734-1786) and Samuel Smedley (1753-1812) were brothers. Samuel Smedley was in the shipping business and also customs collection in Fairfield. See shipping papers MS 36.

Writ, John Smedley vs. Jabez Cable 1770 

Writ, John Smedley vs. William Wakeman 1775 

Writ, Jonathan Smedley vs. Shubel Gorhan 1776 

Writ, Jonathan Smedley vs. Sarah and George Cable 1776 

Writ, John Smedley vs. Nehemiah Burr 1781 

Probate papers of John Smedley 1787-1794   5 items

Letters to Captain Samuel Smedley re: the brig Greenfield with photocopies 1786, 1787   2 items

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 Box IX-Folder D Smith, Adeline Papers   1 item

Letter from Adeline Smith and her cousin Polly E. Wooster of Bridgewater, Conn., to Adeline’s sister Betsy Ann Smith in Great Barrington, Mass. 1836 

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 Box III-Folder R Smith Family Papers 1773-1786   4 items

Writ, Daniell Smith vs. James Goodsell 1773 

Writ, Daniell Smith vs. Thaddeus Sturges 1773 

Writ, Samuell Smith vs. Jonathan Ogden 1774 

Jesse Platt vs. Benjamin Smith, Jr. 1786 

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 Box III-Folder S Smith, Horace R. Papers 1850-1889   14 items

Custodial History note

These items were a gift of Mrs. Arthur Warner (L1981.July.2).

Biographical/Historical note

Horace Smith appears to have lived in Bridgeport and taught school at one time in Fairfield.

Board and rent papers to Horace Smith, Bridgeport 1850-1857   9 items

Promissory note to Levi Worden 1860 

Bill to David Maloney 1889 

Teaching bills to Weston district no. 11 school 1845 

Teaching bills to Banks North school district 1847 

Draft exemption 1864 

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 Box III-Folder T Spencer, Robert Papers 1832-1859   9 items

Scope and Contents note

The deeds involve land with a factory and blacksmith's shop located in Westport, CT.

Abstract of Robert Spencer deeds 1832-1852 

Deeds to Robert Spencer from Charles W. Sherman and James C. Hawley 1852, 1859   5 items

Deeds to Robert Spencer from Elizabeth Henshaw 1852   2 items

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 Box III-Folder U Squier Family Papers 1770-1814   5 items

Writ, John Squier vs. Stephen Guyer 1770 

Writ, Samuel Squier vs. Seth Gilbert 1773 

Deed from Nathaniel Squier's estate to David Andres 1784 

Deed from Nathan Beers, Jr. to Aaron and Eunice Squier 1812 

Deed from Jabez and Mary Squier to Joseph Wakeman Davis 1814 

State Treasury bill to Samuel Squier 1784 

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 Box VIII-Folder A Szymanski Family Papers 1918-1940 

Brigeport City Trust Bank book of Joseph M. Szymanski 1939-1940 

Account solicitation from the Fairfield Trust Co. 1921 

Baby's record of Joseph Martin Szymanski--Fairfield Trust Company 

Building permit for Martin Szymanski for glass porch 1933 

Receipt from United Illuminating 1925 

Fairfield Trust Company bank book of Jospeh Szymanski order of Branistowa Szymanski 1923-1933 

People's Savings Bank bank book of Martin Szymanski or Bridget Szymanski 1918-1937 

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 Box VII-Folder C Taintor Family Papers 1764-1896   4 items

Custodial History note

These papers were donated by George Biggs of Southport (L91.Ju.12). His stepfather was Charles M. Taintor of Southport who was grandson of William Webb Wakeman of Southport.

Deed from Joseph Fox (New London) to Nathan Scovele (Colchester) 1764 

Lease from Samuel Mather (Lyme) to Gideon Beebe (Lyme) 1798 

Charles Taintor's list (with genealogy note) 1798 

Letter to Charles M. Taintor from Charles M. Taintor 1896 

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 Box III-Folder V Taylor Family Papers 1785-1851   4 items

Samuel Taylor's account against Samuel Taylor, Jr. 1785 

Letter from Charles Taylor to Rhoda Gray 1828 

Letter from Charles Taylor (Shelby, OH) to "brothers and sisters" 1851 

Account book of Samuel Taylor 1798-1832 

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 Box VII-Folders E-G Taylor, Mary Darlington Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

Mary Darlington Taylor wrote for the Bridgeport Post in the 1930's and 40's. She was also curator of the Fairfield Historical Society in the 1940's.

Newspapers clippings and articles re: genealogy of the Taylor and Darlington families 

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 Box IV-Folder A Tomlinson, Gideon Papers 1780-1854 

Biographical/Historical note

Gideon Tomlinson was born in Stratford, Conn. in 1780. He attended Yale, class of 1802. In 1807 he married Sarah Bradley of Greenfield Hill, where the couple settled. Tomlinson practiced law and held public office, including the U.S. Senate and Governor of the State of Connecticut.

Custodial History note

This collection is made up of a few donations. L83.May.2, L82.Feb.2 (Pequot Library), L96.Jan.3 (Bob Walter).

Related Archival Materials note

See Ms 33 for Clarina Brewster's will and Yale Biographies and Annals, 1792-1805 for a biography of Gideon Tomlinson.

Deeds 1829-1844 

Outgoing correspondence 1822-1830 

Legal papers concerning the estate of Clarina Brewster 1843-1849 

Probate records 1881, n.d. 

Receipt 1807 

Letter to Sarah Tomlinson (Gideon's first wife) from her sister Marion Read 1836 

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 Box VII-Folder K Tracy Family Papers 

Biographical/Historical note

The family lines include members of the Collins, Parry, Bulkley and Brand families.

Handwritten family genealogy ca. 1895 

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 Box IX-Folder E Treadwell Family Papers   1 item

Form letter sent by George H. Treadwell of Albany requesting information on the Treadwell family and providing some genealogy n.d. 

General note

Item found in collections.

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 Box IV-Folder B Trubee, Ansel Papers   2 items

Custodial History note

Gift of Miss Deborah Glover, 1966.

Biographical/Historical note

Ansel Trubee (1747-1823) was the son of Andres Trubee who came from Holland to Fairfield in the late 1600's.

Ansel Trubee's will 1824 

Mary C. Trubee's will 1930 

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 Box IV-Folder C Upshaw, Willie Papers   7 items

Autograph and newspaper clipping of his career as a baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays 1985   2 items

Memorabilia from Japan baseball tour   5 items

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 Box VIII-Folder Z Wakeman, Joseph Papers 1976-1985 

General note

These materials were found in the Library’s vertical file.

Letters concerning Fairfield High School class of 1914 

Photograph 1976 

Reminiscence of Fairfield in 1904 

Memorandum 1985 

Newspaper clipping 1976 

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 Box VII-Folder M Wales, Isabelle Guibert Papers   80 items

Biographical/Historical note

Isabelle Guibert Wales, daughter of the rector of Trinity Church Rev. Edmund Guibert, wrote her memoirs of her life in Southport between 1890-1908 in her 80's. They were entitled "Southport Scraps."

Letters to George Pratt 

Handwritten reminiscences 1890-1908 

Typescript of reminiscences (Southport Scraps) 

Letter to the editor of New Yorker (describes Miss Malvina's 1856 bathing suit) 

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 Box IV-Folder D Webb, Reverend Joseph Papers 1693-1700   1 item

Biographical/Historical note

The Rev. Joseph Webb (166-1732) was minister of the Congregational Church in Fairfield in 1700 and one of the founders of Yale College.

Custodial History note

The sermon and memoranda were presented to Mrs. Elizabeth Gould by the Rev. Wm. A. Johnson of Salisbury, CT in 1879.

Sermon and diary 

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 Box IX-Folder G Welch, Elijah Papers   1 item

Biographical/Historical note

Walsh was from Walkill, Orange County, New York. His will was found in the collections.

Will 1818 

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 Box VIII-Folder H Welles, "Dot" Papers   1 item

Letter to Eleanor, (made from words and phrases cut from newspapers and magazines) 1922 

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Wilson (Willson) Family Papers 1739-1918   40 items

Biographical/Historical note

The Wilsons were early Fairfield settlers.

Box IV-Folder E 

Deed, from Nathan Jennings to Robert Wilson (photograph) 1739 

Deed, from Henry Caner to Robert Wilson 1741 

Deed, from Nathaniel Seley to Robert Wilson (photograph) 1747 

Deed, from Nathaniel Wilson to Robert Wilson (photograph) 1750 

Deed, from Elnathan Hall to Robert Wilson 1750 

Deed, from Andrew and Rebecca Cable to Robert Wilson 1755 

Deed, from John Jennings to Robert Wilson 1758 

Deed, from Stephen Adams to Robert Wilson 1763, 1765 

Deed, from Rebecca Cable to Robert Wilson 1766 

Deed, from Ezra Wheeler to James Wilson 1767 

Deed, from Gilbert and Polly Hyatt to William Wilson 1825 

Military certificate to James B. Wilson 1825 

John Wilson (Wilton) probate papers 1808   2 items

Amons Wilson (1764-1818) probate papers (photograph) 1817   9 items

Henry Wilson probate papers 1854 

Philo Beers probate papers 1864   2 items

General note

This item is from accession number L82.Feb.2.

Writ, John Wilson, Jr. vs. Walter Hubbel 1774 

Appeal of John L. Wilson on list 1828 

Family records (photograph) 1821   3 items

Bible records of Isaac Banks Nichols (transcribed) n.d. 

Estate papers of Amos Wilson 1918   3 items

Box VIII-Folder C 

Custodial History note

These items were a gift of Thomas Pearson 23 March 1999.

Deeds 1797-1837 

Deed for factory in Waterbury 1818 

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 Box IV-Folder F Willson, Eleazer Papers   1 item

Account book with genealogy 1820 

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 Box IV-Folder G Wilson, Thurza Nichols Papers   1 item

Biographical/Historical note

Thurza Nichols Wilson (1826-1917) married Robert Wilson in 1851.

Diary, partially transcribed 

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 Box IV-Folder H Winton, Peter and Joseph Papers 1781-1818   12 items

Deed, from Zalmon Bradley to Peter Winton 1810 

Deed, from Abraham D. Baldwin to Peter Winton 1816 

Deed, from Hezekiah Bradley to Peter Winton 1818 

Writ, Joseph Winton vs. Samuel Smith 1781 

Bills and bills receipted to Peter Winton 1806-1807   5 items

Notes from Peter Winton 1810, 1818   2 items

Letter from Frank Fairchild Warren to Mrs. Taylor n.d. 

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 Box VIII Worden Family Papers 1835-1877 

Biographical/Historical note

Worden (Wordin) family members were prominent businessmen in Bridgeport, Conn. William Wordin, Jr. married Dorcas Cook, explaining the genealogical notes on the Cooks. The materials in Folder S do not appear to be related to the Worden or Cook families. For more information on the Wordens see Orcutt’s History of Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, vol. 2, pp. 925-930.

Custodial History note

This collection was donated by W. Bradley Morehouse in September 1996 (L96.30).

 Folder O Correspondence of Oliver Norton Worden 1877 

 Folder P Worden family genealogical notes n.d. 

 Folder Q Cook family genealogical notes 1855, n.d. 

 Folder R Sales agreement, Ship Harvest, to Nathaniel S. Worden 1844 

 Folder S Letters from Mumford, 1820, and Wheeler, 1835; essay by Joseph Varnum, Yale 1835; poems, n.d. 

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 Box IV Wordin Family Papers 1784-1860   15 items

Biographical/Historical note

The Wordins in this collection first settled in Stratford, CT. Samuel (1760-1833) and William (1760-1814) were sons of William (1734-1808). Thomas C. Wordin (1787-1852) son of William Wordin, Jr., lived in Bridgeport.

Folder I 

Deed, from Joseph Strong to Samuel Wordin (Stratfield) 1784 

Deed, from Joseph Hawley to Samuel Wordin (Stratfield) 1800 

Deed, from William Wordin (Stratfield) to Samuel Wordin (Stratfield) 

Deed, from William Wordin to Samuel Wordin (Fairfield) 1808 

Deed, from Sterling Sherman (executor) to William Wordin (Stratford) 1811 

Deed, from William Wordin (Stratford) to Thomas Brothwell 1814 

Deed, from Dorcas Wordin (Stratford) to Samuel Wordin (Fairfield) 1817 

Deed, from Grace Waklee to Samuel Wordin (Fairfield) 1818 

Deed, from Samuel Wordin to Samuel W. Wordin 1827 

Deed, from Thomas Wordin (Bridgeport) to Samuel W. Wordin 1830 

Deed, from Sally Walker to Samuel W. Wordin 1834 

Grace Wakelee probate papers 1827 

Charles L. Wakelee probate papers 1828 

Thomas Wordin probate papers 1860 

Folder J 

Samuel Wordin's account book 1805-1807 

Custodial History note

Gift of Mrs. Charles Hart Spencer, Jr.

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