Ogden Family Papers, 1729-1935
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Fairfield Museum and History Center
Ogden family
Ogden Family Papers, 1729-1935
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(1 box, 240 items, 1 oversize item)
This collection contains papers from the Ogden family of Fairfield, CT including legal and financial papers, military papers and recipes.

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Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Biographical/Historical note

Richard Ogden settled in Fairfield, CT around 1650. He had two sons, Richard (c. 1655-1697) and David (c. 1668-1715) who also lived in Fairfield. The papers of their heirs comprise the bulk of this collection, including many items of Hezekiah Ogden (1755-1844), who was a military and community leader. The Fairfield Museum and History Center owns the Ogden House where David Ogden (1727-1755) loved. Genealogy charts are available in the collection.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection is in one box consisting of legal and financial papers, genealogy, letters, mas and military papers. Documents marked "F" are from the Feduick collection and those marked "B" are from the Bulkley collection. The materials in Folders A through D are filed in alphabetical order, except for the deeds which are chronologically arranged.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT

Conditions Governing Access note

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Conditions Governing Use note

Use of the material requires compliance with the Fairfield Museum and History Center regulations.

Custodial History note

Sixteen items and one account book were given by the Stratfield Historical Society (donated to them by Mr. and Mrs. Feduick). Seventy-nine papers, mostly Hezekiah Ogden, were donated by Grace V. Bulkley in September 1984 (L84.52).

Processing Information note

This collection was processed by Martha Rockwell in October 1984.

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Controlled Access Headings

Personal Name(s)

  • Ogden, Hezekiah, 1775-1844


  • Farms--Connecticut--Fairfield--Maps.
  • Formulas, recipes, etc.
  • Military orders
  • Promissory notes--Connecticut--Fairfield County.
  • Real property--Connecticut--Fairfield County--Maps.
  • Real property--Connecticut--Fairfield County.
  • Receipts (financial records)
  • Writs--Connecticut.

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Collection Inventory

 Folder A Bills and Promissory Notes 1771-1854   76.0 items

Bills and bills receipted 1771-1854   65.0 items

From Brooks & Stratton to Wm. Bradley 1848 

From Jane Ogden to John Hide 1792 

From Reuben Beers to Abigail Ogden 1783 

From Hubbell, collector for state tax to Abigail Ogden 1784 

From Albee Ogden to John Hull 1791 

From Samuel Bradley to David Ogden 1828 

From Wm. B. Nash to David Ogden 1829 

From David W. Jones to George Ogden n.d. 

From Elijah Abel to Jonathan Ogden 1771-1773 

From Israel Bibbins to Jonathan Ogden 1793, 1796, 1800, 1801   4.0 items

From Samuel Penfield to Jonathan Ogden 1768-1775 

From Gershom Bulkley to Hezekiah Ogden 1785 

From Wm. R. Chapman to Hezekiah Ogden 1826 

From John Hazard to Hezekiah Ogden 1774 

From Jesse Lyon to Hezekiah Ogden 1824 

From William Nichols to Hezekiah Ogden 1831 

From John P. Patterson to Hezekiah Ogden 1822 

From J. and A. B. Adams to Hezekiah Ogden 1853 

From A. D. Baldwin to Hezekiah Ogden 1840, 1850   2.0 items

From H. Banks to Hezekiah Ogden 1857 

From Wm. H. Bibbins to Hezekiah Ogden 1849 

From R. Blakeman to Hezekiah Ogden 1850 

From Otis Brewer to Hezekiah Ogden 1848-1854   3.0 items

From Lewis Burr to Hezekiah Ogden 1846 

From G. B. Guyer to Hezekiah Ogden 1853 

From Claudius B. Hall to Hezekiah Ogden 1845, 1846   2.0 items

From Wm. A. Howell to Hezekiah Ogden 1850 

From A. L. Hull to Hezekiah Ogden 1849 

From Pike and Sturges to Hezekiah Ogden 1843, 1845, n.d.   8.0 items

From L. Sanford to Hezekiah Ogden 1853 

From Selleck Sherman to Hezekiah Ogden 1841 

From J. M. Smith to Hezekiah Ogden 1850 

From Staples & Adams Co. to Hezekiah Ogden 1849 

From Staples Sanford Co. to Hezekiah Ogden n.d. 

From Chas. S. Thorp to Hezekiah Ogden 1844, 1945, n.d.   6.0 items

Miscellaneous   11.0 items

Promissory notes 1768-1801   11.0 items

From Jonathan Ogden   2.0 items

To Hezekiah Ogden   9.0 items

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 Folder B Deeds 1729-1816   21.0 items

From Joseph Ogden to David Ogden and Benjamin Sherwood 1729-1730 

From Joseph and Ann Ogden to John Hide, Jr. 1734 

From David Ogden to John Bradley 1752 

From David Ogden to John and Abigail Hide 1769 

From Samuel Rowland, Jr. to Hezekiah Ogden 1774 

From Hezekiah Ogden to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1800 

From Hezekiah Ogden to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1801 

From Sarah Thorp to Hezekiah Ogden 1803 

From Ebenezer Jessup and Jonathan Ogden to Abigail Hide 1804 

From John Blackman to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1805 

From Jonathan Ogden to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1805 

From Jonathan Ogden to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1807 

From George Burr to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1807 

From Justine and Abigail Whitlock to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1807 

From Abigail Jennings to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1809 

From Thomas Staples to Hezekiah Ogden 1810 

From Moses Ogden to Timothy Banks (lease) 1811 

From George Burr to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1812 

From Hull and Eunice Murwin to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1815 

From Hull Murwin to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1815 

From Hull and Eunice Murwin and Urania Ogden to Hezekiah Ogden, Jr. 1816 

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 Folder C Deeds 1818-1847   20.0 items

From Joseph Gorman to Hezekiah Ogden 1818   2.0 items

From Samuel Banks to Hezekiah Ogden 1819 

From John Ogden to Gershom Bradley 1820 

From Nathan Perry to Hezekiah Ogden 1821, 1823   2.0 items

From Daniel Wakeman to Hezekiah Ogden 1824 

From Increase and Deborah Bradley to Samuel and Hezekiah Ogden 1825 

From Daniel Wakeman to Hezekiah Ogden 1827 

From Samuel Sturges to Hezekiah Ogden 1830 

From Giles Bunnell to Hezekiah Ogden 1831 

From David Sherwood to Hezekiah Ogden 1831, 1834   3.0 items

From Giles Bunnell to Hezekiah Ogden 1835 

From David Coley and Daniel Burr 1835 

From Uriah and David Burr to Hezekiah Ogden 1840 

From Cyrus Sherwood to Sally and Angeline Ogden 1847 

From Daniel Sturges to Hezekiah Ogden (copy) 1768 

From John Sturges to Hezekiah Ogden (copy) 1768, 1772 

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 Folder D Estate and Probate Papers 1775-1854   41.0 items

Abigail Ogden 1783-1784   4.0 items

Betsey Ogden 1894 

David Ogden 1775-1778   7.0 items

David Ogden 1828-1829   10.0 items

Hezekiah Ogden n.d.   3.0 items

Jonathan Ogden 1782, 1807   2.0 items

Mary Ogden 1783 

Moses Ogden 1827 

Sally Lyon 1854 

John Ogden (photocopy) 1785 

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 Folder E Legal Papers and Genealogy   22.0 items

Animal pound law extract to Hezekiah Ogden 1836 

Abigail Ogden's certificate for wood and board 1776 

Greenfield's new meeting house pew places. On the reverse side is military drill. 1761 

Land and crop agreements of Hezekiah Ogden 1824, 1838   2.0 items

Contracts re: Hezekiah's future estate 1816   2.0 items

School meeting account, Hezekiah Ogden, moderator 1840 

Tax list of 1863 

Miscellaneous accounts   3.0 items

Writ, Renel Thorp vs. John Ogden 1772 

Writ, David and Nathan Bradley vs. Jonathan Ogden 1773 

Writ, Job Bertram vs. John Ogden 1773 

Writ, John Hide vs. Samuel Ogden 1773 

Writ, Isaac Godfree vs. Samuel Ogden 1773 

Writ, Thomas Hill vs. Samuel Ogden 1774 

Writ, Hezekiah Ogden vs. Josiah Lacey 1774 

Writ, Zalmon Bulkley vs. Jonathan Ogden 1789 

Genealogy of Burr and Nabby Ogden 1818 

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 Folder F Letters and Military Papers 1782-1836   22.0 items

Letters to: 

Hezekiah Ogden from David Burr 1812 

Hezekiah Ogden from A. Bronson 1823 

Hezekiah Ogden from Selleck Sherman 1832 

Hezekiah Ogden from George Peck 1836 

Jonathan Ogden from Eliphalet Hull 1806 

John Squire from Joseph Ogden 1784 

A. Sherwood from M. A. Sherwood n.d. 

Military papers and orders 

Sturges Ogden et al. military parole 1782 

Sturges Ogden military discharge 1794 

Walter Jennings' military exemption 1833 

Roll book n.d. 

Hezekiah Ogden's papers and certificates 1827-1833   8.0 items

Gilbert Wakeman 1832 

Spicer Davis 1825 

Joel Gould n.d.   2.0 items

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 Folder G Maps   2.0 items

Mrs. Ogden's lot, back side of Mill Hill n.d. 


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 Folder H George Ogden's Account Book 1837-1871 

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School Papers and Exercise Book n.d.   2.0 items

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 Folder J Ogden House pamphlet for the Connecticut Tercentenary with viewing instructions 1935 

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 Folder K Recipes from Newspapers 1902, n.d.   43.0 items

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 Folder L 3 Recipe Books and Handwritten Recipes 1883, 1890, n.d.   17.0 items

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A map of David Ogden's estate distribution of farm land and houses, Gideon Welles, surveyor. 20 April 1769 

Manuscript Box

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