Sherman, Roger Minott Papers, 1773-1845
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Summary Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center
Sherman, Elizabeth Gould, d. 1848
Sherman, Roger M. (Roger Minott), 1773-1844
Sherman, Roger Minott Papers, 1766-1848
Ms 2
Date [inclusive]
2.0 Linear feet (7 boxes, 3 oversize items)
Legal, financial, political papers and correspondence belonging to Fairfield lawyer and state senator Roger Minott Sherman who among many positions served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Errors in Connecticut from 1839-1842.

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Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Biographical/Historical note

Roger Minott Sherman (1773-1844), the son of the Rev. Josiah and Martha Minott Sherman, was born in Woburn, Mass. He grew up in Milford, Goshen, and Woodbridge, Connecticut and graduated from Yale in 1792. In 1796 he was admitted to the bar, married Elizabeth Gould, and set up a law practice in Norwalk. Twin sons, James M. and William G., were born in 1799. Their daughters Harriet and Eliza both died young. He moved his family to Fairfield in 1807, to a home he built on the Old Post Road still known today as the Sherman Parsonage. He continued to practice law, participated in town affairs, was elected to the State Senate, and served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Errors in Connecticut from 1839-1842. Sherman’s interests extended to literature and science.

For more information on Roger Minott Sherman see:

Beers, William. (1882). A biographical sketch of Roger Minott Sherman. Bridgeport, CT.

Hamlen, B. L. (1846). "Life of the late Roger Minott Sherman." Extracted from The New Englander, Vol. IV. New Haven, CT.

This collection preceded another Roger Minott Sherman collection, Ms B96.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of five boxes of documents and two boxes containing seventeen assorted ledgers (account books, court docket books, plus one friendship book belonging to Elizabeth Gould Sherman).

The manuscripts and ledgers originally from the Bridgeport Public Library Historical Collections are so indicated by a [B] on the item itself.

The general contents of the collection are a broad spectrum of papers, mostly incoming, including personal, business and legal correspondence. Because R. M. Sherman was highly connected in business, legal, political and church circles, this collection contains material from and about the leaders of the times. Included in one letter from Aaron Burr in 1830 (Box III, Folder F) and an interesting English law case report (Box IV, Folder O).

The personal and business correspondence in Boxes I through III are arranged by year. Within each folder the letters are alphabetically ordered.

Boxes IV and V contain personal and business bills and receipts, deeds, depositions, dwelling agreements, insurance papers, land surveys, notes about legal cases, papers from organizations to which Robert M. Sherman belonged, petitions, promissory notes, wills, writs, summons, subpoenas and other miscellaneous personal and legal documents. Material in folders is generally arranged alphabetically.

Oversize items include a "friendship books" kept by Elizabeth Sherman between 1817 and 1833, some of Roger M. Sherman's account books and ten docket books from Count and Superior Courts dated 1800-1844.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT

Conditions Governing Access note

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Conditions Governing Use note

Use of the material requires compliance with the Fairfield Museum and History Center regulations.

Custodial History note

A number of items in this collection were received from the Bridgeport Public Library Historical Collections on 27 June 1979. The others are from an unknown source.

Processing Information note

This collection was processed in July 1980 by Martha Rockwell.

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Controlled Access Headings

Personal Name(s)

  • Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836


  • Account books--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Correspondence.
  • Deeds--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Depositions
  • Judges.
  • Petitions
  • Probate records--Connecticut--Fairfield
  • Receipts(financial records)
  • Wills.
  • Writs--Connecticut.

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Collection Inventory

Box I: Personal correspondence 1793-1844   14 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A complete list of letter writers is available in the box.

 Folder A Personal correspondence, incoming 1793-1804   16 items

 Folder B Personal correspondence, incoming 1806-1812   14 items

 Folder C Personal correspondence, incoming 1813-1815   15 items

 Folder D Personal correspondence, incoming 1815-1820   29 items

 Folder E Personal correspondence, incoming 1822-1825   13 items

 Folder F Personal correspondence, incoming 1826-1831   17 items

 Folder G Personal correspondence, incoming 1832-1834   9 items

 Folder H Personal correspondence, incoming 1835-1836   22 items

 Folder I Personal correspondence, incoming 1837-1839   10 items

 Folder J Personal correspondence, incoming 1840   11 items

 Folder K Personal correspondence, incoming 1841   9 items

 Folder L Personal correspondence, incoming 1842-1843   14 items

 Folder M Personal correspondence, incoming 1844 and n.d.   5 items

 Folder N Personal correspondence, outgoing 1807-1844   14 items

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Box II: Business correspondence 1794-1823   18 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A complete listing of letter writers can be found in the Box.

 Folder A Business correspondence, incoming 1794-1799   14 items

 Folder B Business correspondence, incoming 1800-1802   12 items

 Folder C Business correspondence, incoming 1803-1806   17 items

 Folder D Business correspondence, incoming 1807-1808   19 items

 Folder E Business correspondence, incoming 1809-1811   16 items

 Folder F Business correspondence, incoming 1812   12 items

 Folder G Business correspondence, incoming 1813   11 items

 Folder H Business correspondence 1814   15 items

 Folder I Business correspondence, incoming 1815   13 items

 Folder J Business correspondence, incoming 1816   16 items

 Folder K Business correspondence, incoming 1817   16 items

 Folder L Business correspondence, incoming 1818   17 items

 Folder M Business correspondence, incoming 1819   18 items

 Folder N Business correspondence, incoming 1820   14 items

 Folder O Business correspondence, incoming 1821   9 items

 Folder P Business correspondence, incoming 1822   21 items

 Folder Q Business correspondence, incoming 1823   20 items

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Box III: Business correspondence 1825-1844   21 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A complete listing of letter writers is available in the Box.

 Folder A Business correspondence, incoming 1825   16 items

 Folder B Business correspondence, incoming 1826-1827   22 items

 Folder C Business correspondence, incoming 1828   20 items

 Folder D Business correspondence, incoming 1829   15 items

 Folder E Business correspondence, incoming 1830   24 items

 Folder F Business correspondence, incoming 1831   26 items

 Folder G Business correspondence, incoming 1832   17 items

 Folder H Business correspondence, incoming 1833   11 items

 Folder I Business correspondence, incoming 1834   11 items

 Folder J Business correspondence, incoming 1835   14 items

 Folder K Business correspondence, incoming 1836-1837   16 items

 Folder L Business correspondence, incoming 1838   12 items

 Folder M Business correspondence, incoming 1839   19 items

 Folder N Business correspondence, incoming 1840   19 items

 Folder O Business correspondence, incoming 1841   11 items

 Folder P Business correspondence, incoming 1842   11 items

 Folder Q Business correspondence, incoming 1843-1844   11 items

 Folder R Business correspondence, no date   3 items

 Folder S Business correspondence, outgoing 1807-1844   27 items

 Folder T Business correspondence, other 1794-1835   11 items

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Box IV: Legal and financial papers, essays 1766-1847   20 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A more detailed list of items is available in the Box.

 Folder A Bills and bills receipted, incoming 1766-1847   21 items

 Folder B Card catalogues (photos) from Sterling Library at Yale   5 items

 Folder C Deeds to Roger and/or Elizabeth Sherman 1810-1837   21 items

 Folder E Deeds by date 1768-1833   17 items

 Folder F Depositions 1798-1843   21 items

 Folder G Dwelling agreements from R. M. Sherman 1812-1843   7 items

 Folder H Essays and articles 1809-1844   16 items

 Folder I Financial statements 1772-1840 

 Folder J Household bills receipted, incoming 1802-1817   26 items

 Folder K Household bills receipted, incoming 1818-1847   25 items

 Folder L Insurance papers 1839-1843   3 items

 Folder M Land surveys and agreements 1792-1843   9 items

 Folder N Legal cases 1794-1841   12 items

 Folder O Legal cases n.d.   27 items

 Folder P Legal statements 1803-1845   18 items

 Folder Q Legislative and government material 1814-1844   10 items

 Folder R Miscellaneous 

 Folder S Organizations and memberships 1800-1840   17 items

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Box V: Legal and financial papers 1783-1848   7 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A detailed list of items can be found inside the Box.

 Folder A Petitions 1806-1837   16 items

 Folder B Promissory notes 1816-1842   7 items

 Folder C Stock transfers to R. M. Sherman 1809-1834   23 items

 Folder D Wills and estate distributions 1804-1848   5 items

 Folder E Wills and estate distributions 1783-1845   6 items

 Folder F Writs, summons and subpoenas 1803-1834   13 items

 Folder G Writs, summons and subpoenas 1803-1839   15 items

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Box VI: Account books   4 folders

 Folder A Elizabeth Sherman's friendship book 1817-1833 

 Folder B R. M. Sherman account book 1805-1811 

 Folder C R. M. Sherman account books 1824-1828, 1820-1832   2 items

 Folder D R. M. Sherman account book 1799 

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Box VII: Account and docket books   5 folders

 Folder A R. M. Sherman County & Superior Court dockets 1800-1804, 1805-1809 

 Folder B R. M. Sherman County & Superior Court dockets 1811-1819, 1808-1810 

 Folder C R. M. Sherman County & Superior Court dockets 1819-1824, 1825-1832 

 Folder D R. M. Sherman County & Superior Court dockets 1819-1824, 1829-1836, 1837-1839 

 Folder E R. M. Sherman account books 1833-1844 

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Oversize Item A: R. M. Sherman account book 1796-1803 

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Oversize Item B: R. M. Sherman account book "B" 1803-1805 

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Oversize Item C: R. M. Sherman account book 1811-1820 

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