Sherwood Family Papers, 1654-1920, 1941
Ms 7

Summary Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center
Sherwood family
Sherwood Family Papers, 1654-1920, 1941
Ms 7
1654-1920, 1941
6.0 Linear feet (9 boxes,

Preferred Citation note

Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Fairfield Museum and History Center, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Biographical/Historical note

This collection centers around descendants of Thomas Sherwood who settled in Fairfield, CT in 1648. Members of this family were land owners with large farms, tradesmen, sea captains and part owners of boats, general store owners and bankers. The Fairfield Museum and History Center hold extensive genealogy records of this family.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection contains 9 boxes and 18 oversize items. The original part of the collection was processed in 1981 with additions made in the early 2000's.The number 1980.JL1 on some items indicates a Fairfield Historical Society Library accession number.

The original part of the collection makes up Boxes 1-VII and contains bills, business and personal correspondence, promissory notes, estate and probate papers, wills, estate bills, and distributions arranged alphabetically. Deeds, legal papers and writs are arranged by date. School notebooks, diaries, account books and journals are also in alphabetical order. Many of these items were donated by Royal Everts.

A series of Bradley, Mixter and Sherwood family papers (photocopies only) were added to the collection in 2004 and were processed and arranged differently than the original items. They are in Boxes VIII and IX and have the accession number L2002.3 and were donated by Laura Wilbur. This part of the collection contains Bradley, Mixter and Sherwood family letters, diaries, photographs and genealogy for Sherwood family members and allied Bradley and Mixter (Couch) families.

Of particular note is the correspondence and diary of Abigail Sherwood (1809-1862) daughter of William Sherwood. Abigail never married spending her entire life on the family's Hulls Farm Rd. farm. There is a letter in the series in which Abigail discussed the growing of Mulberry trees for the cultivation of silk worms to make silk material. Brother sea captain Aaron Moses Sherwood's letters to Abigail are in the series. Abigail's sister Elizabeth married David Bradley.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT

Conditions Governing Access note

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

Conditions Governing Use note

Use of the material requires compliance with the Fairfield Museum and History Center regulations.

Processing Information note

This collection was initially processed in April 1981 by Martha Rockwell. Subsequent additions were made to the collection with further processing by Barbara Turcy and Dennis Barrow in 2004.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • William Sherwood and Sons.

Family Name(s)

  • Bradley family
  • Couch family
  • Mixter family


  • Bankers--Connecticut

Personal Name(s)

  • Sherwood , Simon
  • Sherwood, Abigail Couch, 1782-1858
  • Sherwood, William, 1777-1844


  • Account books--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Correspondence.
  • Deeds--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Diaries.
  • Fairfield (Conn.)--History
  • Farmers--Connecticut
  • Merchants--Connecticut--Fairfield.
  • Photographs.
  • Probate records--Connecticut--Fairfield
  • Real property--Connecticut--Fairfield County.
  • Receipts(financial records)
  • School notebooks
  • Wills.
  • Writs--Connecticut.

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Collection Inventory

Box I   24 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A detailed list of items in each folder can be found inside the box.

 Folder A Bills and bills receipted 1758-1883   39 items

 Folder B Bills and bills receipted 1758-1900   26 items

 Folder C Bills and bills receipted to Simon and Mrs. Sherwood 1869-1881   46 items

 Folder D Bills and bills receipted to William Sherwood 1803-1815   25 items

 Folder E Bills and bills receipted to William Sherwood 1819-1823   30 items

 Folder F Bills and bills receipted to William Sherwood 1824-1844   19 items

 Folder G Bills and bills receipted to William Sherwood 1845   22 items

 Folder H Bills and bills receipted to William Sherwood 1845-1846, n.d.   15 items

 Folder I Miscellaneous and bills receipted 1759-1883   34 items

 Folder J Business correspondence 1751-1901   24 items

 Folder K Business correspondence 1799-1880   21 items

 Folder L Personal correspondence 1790-1796   11 items

 Folder M Personal correspondence 1753-1796   25 items

 Folder N Personal correspondence 1817-1865   6 items

 Folder O Deeds (Sherwood) 1697-1740   16 items

 Folder P Deeds (Sherwood) 1741-1749   18 items

 Folder Q Deeds (Sherwood) 1750-1757   18 items

 Folder R Deeds (Sherwood) 1759-1769   20 items

 Folder S Deeds 1771-1778   17 items

 Folder T Deeds 1780-1794   17 items

 Folder U Deeds 1795-1803   18 items

 Folder V Deeds 1804-1812   18 items

 Folder W Deeds 1813-1817   24 items

 Folder X Deeds 1818-1821   17 items

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Box II   27 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A detailed list of the items in each folder can be found in the box.

 Folder A Deeds 1822-1841   20 items

 Folder B` Deeds 1844-1857   19 items

 Folder C Deeds 1859-1893   9 items

 Folder D Deeds (photocopy) 1773   1 item

 Folder E Estate and probate papers 1753-1859   26 items

 Folder F Estate and probate papers 1772-1920   19 items

 Folder G Estate and probate papers 1818-1838   15 items

 Folder H Estate and probate papers 1735-1818   9 items

 Folder I Estate and probate papers 1768-1948   34 items

 Folder J Accounts 1757-1881   35 items

 Folder K Account paid 1755-1845   59 items

 Folder L Orders 1755-1844   27 items

 Folder M Shipping and miscellaneous 1758-1844   27 items

 Folder N Tax lists 1778-1842   9 items

 Folder O Insurance papers of Eli Sherwood 1880-1884   4 items

 Folder P Legal papers 1751-1831   41 items

 Folder Q Legal papers 1740-1853   32 items

 Folder R Legal papers-Depositions 1809-1830   7 items

 Folder S Legal papers (Land and crop agreements, miscellaneous) 1654-1867   9 items

 Folder T Promissory notes 1785-1833   18 items

 Folder U Promissory notes 1740-1837   32 items

 Folder V Writs 1760-1816   19 items

 Folder W Maps and military papers 1800-1826   7 items

 Folder X Miscellaneous material from William Sherwood journal 1869-1883   37 items

 Folder Y Miscellany and genealogy from William Sherwood's journal n.d.   93 items

 Folder Z Miscellany and genealogy n.d.   10 items

 Folder Z1 School papers 1756   5 items

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Box III: Sherwood Children School Notebooks 1756-1888   13 folders

 Folder A Aaron Moses 1827 

 Folder B Abigail 1806 

 Folder C Albert 1833-1834 

 Folder D Cyrus 1824-1825 

 Folder E Cyrus 1826 

 Folder F Daniel 1756, 1758   5 items

 Folder G Edwin 1818 

 Folder H Justus 1796 

 Folder I Ralph 1779 

 Folder J Royal 1887, 1888   2 items

 Folder K Simon 1812, 1813   2 items

 Folder L Simon 1816 

 Folder M Unidentified 1790   3 items

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Box IV: Diaries   10 folders

Folder A 

Aretta Sherwood 1890, 1892   2 items

Catherine B. Sherwood 1859 

 Folder B Daniel Sherwood 1756 

 Folder C Daniel Sherwood (transcript) 1756 

 Folder D Hull Sherwood 1813, 1814   2 items

 Folder E Hull Sherwood 1815, 1816, 1812   3 items

 Folder F Fabric cover of Hull Sherwood's diaries 

 Folder G Miscellaneous diaries 1864-1872   37 items

Folder G1 

Edwin Sherwood (L87.Jan.1) with genealogy note 1887, 1889   2 items

unidentified 1864, 1868, 1872   3 items

loose papers from diaries   32 items

 Folder H William Sherwood's Book of Ancestry 

 Folder I Loose papers from Folder H 

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Box V: William Lounsbury Sherwood Letterbooks   2 folders

 Folder A Letterbook 1884-1885 

 Folder B Letterbook re: family history research 1886-1891 

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Box VI: Account Books and Journals 1753-1892   9 folders

 Folder A Aaron Moses Sherwood diary 1839-1841 

 Folder B Albert Sherwood shipping book (1824, 1833) and Cyrus Sherwood Justice of the Peace (1831, 1837-1888)   3 items

 Folder C Daniel Sherwood student accounts 1753-1757 

 Folder D Levi Sherwood grocery store account 1882, 1892   2 items

 Folder E William Sherwood ship's log 1801-1803 

 Folder F William Sherwood (1812-1821) and Bradley Sherwood (1829-1845)   2 items

 Folder G William Sherwood contracts (1831-1838) and Sherwood and Gorhams (1791)   3 items

 Folder H Eli Sherwood 1831-1871 

General note

This item is from accession number L86.Nov.3.

 Folder I Anna W. Sherwood Morning and Evening Monitor 1899 

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Box VII: Account Books, Journals, Miscellaneous 1815-1824   8 folders

Other Finding Aids note

A more detailed description of some of the items can be found in the box.

 Folder A William Sherwood and Sons 1815-1826, 1817-1820   2 items

 Folder B William Sherwood and Sons 1818-1819 

 Folder C William Sherwood and Sons 1819-1820, 1819-1821 

 Folder D William Sherwood and Sons 1822   2 items

 Folder E William Sherwood and Sons 1822, 1822-1823, 1822-1824   3 items

 Folder F unidentified 1883, 1900-1910   2 items

 Folder G Mary Sherwood's Sunday School attendance book 

 Folder H L. F. Sherwood's Southport National Bank checkbook 1901-1903 

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Box VIII: Bradley, Mixter and Sherwood photocopies   24 folders

 Folder A-1 Sherwood genealogy 

 Folder A-2 Elizabeth Sherwood and David Bradley wheel chart 

 Folder A-3 Genealogy including proof of descent from Thephilous Eaton and journal of Louise Bishop 

 Folder A-4 Genealogy Wakeman, Burr and Chapman connections 

 Folder A-5 Genealogy Bradley 

 Folder A-6 Genealogy Elizabeth Bradley Mixter including DAR application 1895 

 Folder A-7 Colonial Dames certificate Elizabeth Bradley Mixter 1908 

 Folder A-8 Allied genealogies 

 Folder A-9 Couch genealogy including connection of Sherwood and Couch families 

 Folder A-10 Genealogy notes 

 Folder A-11 My Coat of Arms 

 Folder A-12 Helen M. Bradley's birth certificate 

 Folder B-1 Mary Couch Sherwood diary 1833 

 Folder B-2 Mary Couch Sherwood diary 1835-1861 

 Folder B-3 E. Bradley diary ca. 1856 

 Folder B-4 Mary Sherwood Parnell diary (3rd marriage) 1867 

 Folder B-5 T. S. Bradley diary ca. 1870 

 Folder B-6 Diary of Helen Bradley's trip to England 1908-1909 

 Folder C-1 Photograph of William Sherwood and Abigail Couch Sherwood 

 Folder C-2 Large album and tintypes of Bradley family 

 Folder C-3 Photograph of Rev. Lewis Pennell and his wife Mary Sherwood Pennell 

 Folder C-4 Album of Bradley family pictures, the people who lived at 291 Pequot Ave., Southport, CT 

 Folder C-5 Couch family photographs 

 Folder C-6 Bradley and Mister photographs 

 Folder C-7 Unidentified photographs 

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Box IX: Bradley, Mixter and Sherwood photocopies   33 folders

 Folder D-1 Abigail Sherwood correspondence 1857-1860 

 Folder D-2 Letters from A. Sherwood of Hulls Farm 1865 

 Folder D-3 Letters found in tan corduroy purse in Sherwood trunk 1870-1890 

 Folder D-4 Dear Cousin Mary 7 January 1863 

 Folder D-5 Helen Bradley Sherwood correspondence 1941 

 Folder D-6 Thomas Bradley Sherwood to Elizabeth Bradley 9 June 1870 

 Folder D-7 Elizabeth Sherwood (Mrs. David Bradley) correspondence 1865 

 Folder D-8 Letters to Mrs. Mary Pennell from Sarah Bradley 1865 

 Folder D-9 Letters of Mrs. Nellie Bradley of Southport 1873-1875 

 Folder E-1 Copies of papers in Wilbur collection at Smithsonian Institution re: Abigail Sherwood 

 Folder E-2 Abigail Sherwood notebook 1824 

 Folder E-3 Abigail Sherwood household properties with her sister, Elizabeth Bradley's share 1862 

 Folder E-4 Invitation to Abigail Sherwood from managers of Yale College 1824 

 Folder F-1 Wedding certificate of Elizabeth Bradley and Frank Mixter 4 May 1877 

 Folder F-2 Golden wedding party of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mixter 4 May 1927 

 Folder F-3 Frank Mixter receipt to mother 1900 

 Folder F-4 Obituary of Elizabeth Bradley Mixter 16 August 1937 

 Folder G-1 Songs and ballads of the Revolution copied by C. S. Bradley 

 Folder G-3 Copy book of Betty Hyde 1806 

 Folder G-3 Shipping correspondence October 1808 

 Folder G-5 Isaac Jennings note for $30 19 April 1859 

 Folder G-5 Sheffield Hall, New Haven 1864 

 Folder G-6 David Bradley inventory of estate 24 August 1866 

 Folder G-7 Estate of David Bradley to William Bradley 30 April 1869 

 Folder G-8 Unidentified account book 1878 

 Folder G-9 Invoice for teaspoons to A. C. Bradley 12 December 1889 

 Folder G-10 Helen M. Bradley at Cornell University 1904-1905 

 Folder G-11 "Scraps" property of F. S. Bradley n.d. 

 Folder G-12 Newspaper clippings of devotional articles n.d. 

 Folder G-13 Tan corduroy purse from Sherwood trunk ca. 1830 

 Folder G-14 Linen baby garment from tan corduroy purse ca. 1830 

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Oversize Account Books and Journals 

 Oversize Item A Daniel Sherwood 1708-1784, 1768-1808   2 items

 Oversize Item B Levi F. Sherwood 1839-1912 

 Oversize Item C Levi F. Sherwood 1888-1889 

 Oversize Item D Simon Sherwood 1850-1855 

 Oversize Item E William Sherwood 1825-1844 

 Oversize Item F William Sherwood 1830-1831 

 Oversize Item G William Sherwood 1836-1851 

 Oversize Item H William Sherwood 1856-1870 

 Oversize Item I William Sherwood 1861-1884 

 Oversize Item J William Sherwood and Sons 1804-1820 

 Oversize Item K William Sherwood and Sons 1804-1805, 1806-1807, 1815-1817   3 items

 Oversize Item L William Sherwood and Sons 1817-1823 

 Oversize Item M William Sherwood and Sons 1818-1819, 1820-1823   2 items

 Oversize Item N William Sherwood and Sons 1823-1825 

 Oversize Item O William Sherwood and Sons 1823-1826 

 Oversize Item P William Sherwood and Sons 1826-1830, 1831-1833   2 items

 Oversize Item Q Audio tape of William Couch Sherwood diary March-December 1866 

 Oversize Item R Audiop tape of Emma Sherwood's diary January-November 1880 

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