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About the Fairfield Museum and History Center

Fairfield Museum and History CenterThe Fairfield Museum and History Center opened to the public on September 16, 2007.  Seven years in the making, this educational and cultural facility unveils a vital new chapter in the history of our community.

The Fairfield Museum’s vision is to use history to strengthen community and shape its future.  We believe that history is a powerful platform for examining and understanding the civic values and responsibilities of our democratic society. As a public forum for the process of shared discovery, we celebrate and cultivate the elements that create and bind community: complex stories from multiple points of view that explore the diverse legacies of our region.

The Fairfield Museum and History Center believes in the power of history to inspire the imagination, stimulate thought and transform society.  We connect people around the complex history of Fairfield and neighboring communities so that together we may shape a more informed future.

The Fairfield Museum’s Architecture

The Fairfield Museum’s architecture was inspired by the warehouses along Southport harbor and the region’s farming heritage. Click to read more about Fairfield Museum’s Architecture

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