Board & Staff


Fairfield Museum and History Center Staff

Jean E. Correa, Office Manager
Carrie Hammond
, Visitor Services Manager
Michael A. Jehle
, Executive Director
Christine Jewell, Director of Education & Community Programs
Laurie P. Lamarre, Curator of Exhibitions
Diane Lee
, Collections Manager
Walter D. Matis, Program & Volunteer Coordinator
Deborah Owens, Marketing & Communications Manager
Elizabeth Rose, Library Director
Shana Tuttle Wiswell, Director of Development
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Fairfield Museum and History Center Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

John Herzog, President
Tom Kreitler, Vice President
William Mallin, Treasurer
Elizabeth Fath, Secretary

Sandra Altieri
Sally Cummings
John Donovan
Joyce Hergenhan
Jennifer Hinkle
Andrea Hoffman
Sharon Lauer
Jill Littig
Alan Neigher
Peter Penczer
Finley Shaw
Robert Smith
Patricia Spaght
Gay Tice
Polly Tucker
Thomas J. Walsh, Jr.