Mission and Values

  • Fairfield Museum Mission and Values

Our work embraces opportunities to have fun and to share creative experiences.

The Fairfield Museum and History Center brings together people from across our regional community for a wide range of activities, from the serious to the fun. As a museum with rich historical resources and expertise, we use the past as a starting point for exploring and understanding current issues and questions. By bridging diverse experiences and perspectives, we work to cultivate a deeper sense of community identity and civic engagement.

History and the arts reflect the compelling stories of people and their experiences. We believe that cultivating a deeper appreciation of history is essential to building civic engagement, community pride, and a powerful sense of place. We also believe that by bringing people together and creating opportunities for them to share their experiences and perspectives, we can create a more empathetic and equitable community.

We employ a range of strategies: both the traditional museum tools of exhibitions and public programs but also the visual and performing arts. We engage with our community both on-site and through virtual spaces, and our work embraces opportunities to have fun and to share creative experiences of music, drama, and art that spark our imaginations and delight our senses.

Mission Statement

The Fairfield Museum and History Center inspires civic engagement by celebrating the diverse history of our region and its people. As a dynamic public forum, we believe in the power of art and humanities to inspire the imagination, stimulate ideas, and build a better society.

To fulfill our mission, we create experiences that:

  • Make history personal, engaging, and meaningful.
  • Strengthen people’s connection to the world around them through an appreciation for the influences of the past.
  • Present varied viewpoints that cultivate a sense of empathy and community identity.
  • Teach young people about the value of history and their role in creating a strong, vibrant community.


To accomplish our mission, we are…

We love what we do and share our enthusiasm with others.

Public service is at our core. Our collections, exhibitions and programs are a resource for the entire community.

Our collections, programs, staffing, and governance reflect the diversity of the community we serve.
We work collaboratively to widen the perspectives included in our work.

We encourage our visitors to make deep connections and have inspirational experiences in a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable environment.
We work to make the Museum accessible to everyone.

We encourage creativity, excellence, innovation, risk-taking, and collegiality in all that we do.
We try new things and push boundaries, seeking fresh ways to achieve our mission.

We strive to see things from other people’s perspectives.

Land Acknowledgement

The Fairfield Museum acknowledges that our community sits on the ancestral lands of the Sasqua and Paugussett people, as well as that of other tribal nations indigenous to this region. We seek to honor past, present, and future generations of Native people who maintain deep spiritual and cultural connections to these lands and waters, despite the suffering and intergenerational trauma caused by war, displacement, and colonialism. We aim to build meaningful relationships with and elevate the visibility of Native nations and people through our educational programs, exhibits, and community partnerships.