Planned Giving

So That our History Has a Future

Ensure Your Legacy by Joining the Fairfield Museum’s Planned Giving Society

Making a planned gift is not just for those who have wealth or special financial expertise, but for anyone with a generous spirit who wants to designate their contribution while they are living. As friends and supporters of the Fairfield Museum and History Center, we share a deep sense of gratitude for those who have gone before us to build the community we now enjoy. You can help continue their legacy and ensure the museum’s strong future by becoming a member of The 1639 Society.


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Why Consider a Planned Gift?

Fairfield–and our nation–were built on the foresight and dedication of previous generations who shared their knowledge and wealth to build a better community for their children. With a planned gift, you can continue this important tradition and ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to learn about their shared history and responsibility to the future through the Fairfield Museum.

Planned gifts support the Museum’s endowment and will ensure the organization’s stable financial future. Planned gifts may also provide a number of financial benefits to you the donor including lifetime income, tax savings, and reduced capital gains and estate taxes.

Planned gifts can be received by the Museum through your will or during your lifetime. For more information, please contact the Development Office at 203-259-1598 or contact us here.