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Education is at the core of the Fairfield Museum’s mission and education programs inspire diverse learners to make history personal and meaningful through engaging and innovative programs. The number of students served has tripled since 2007 and today more than 5,000 Pre-K through Grade 12 students as well as adult learners from throughout southwestern Connecticut participate through field trips, tours, outreach programs and workshops.

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For more information and to schedule a program, call the Education Department at 203-259-1598  or use the online contact form.


Fairfield Museum School TripsNow on View:
Creating Community:
Exploring 375 Years of Our Past is an ambitious exhibition that engages visitors with the past through dynamic and interactive activities. The exhibition is an essential step toward realizing the Fairfield Museum’s educational vision to use history to strengthen community and shape its future.

Creating Community covers nearly 375 years of regional history, using the town of Fairfield as a model for a changing community. Fairfield, established in 1639, rapidly expanded in the 17th century and included parts of Redding, Weston, Easton, Westport, Greens Farms and the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. Through success and failure, loss and prestige, Fairfield emerged as a model suburban enclave within the major New York metropolitan area.

The exhibit complements social studies and Common Core curriculum with themes on the Colonial America/Native Americans, the American Revolution, Westward Expansion, Immigration, the Gilded Age, World War II and the 1950s.

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