Fairfield Museum IMAGES ExhibitionIMAGES Juried Photography Exhibition

A jury selected the following photographs for the IMAGES 2017 show, which will be on display at the Fairfield Museum from March 9 to April 30, 2017.

Congratulations to our winners:
Kristie Kistner, Awestruck and David Pisciotta (student) Zion Sky

"So Done!" by Ellen Gould

“So Done!” by Ellen Gould

Viewer’s Choice: So Done!, Ellen Gould (Portrait Category, Professional/Serious Amateur)

Dare, Christine Acebo
Gears, Lisa Cuchara
Legs, Donald David
Patriotic Water Drops, Lisa Cuchara
Delphinium Butterflies, June Eichbaum
Manhattan, Katie Hinkle (Student)
Frozen Rocket, Kirsti Holtan
Golden Mother of Pearl, Julie O’Connor
Old Master, New Vision, Julie O’Connor

Chain Bridge, Aniko Dowell
Untouched, Elisa Deely (Student)
125th Street, Lewis Fink
Disney, Danielle L. Goldstein
Full Moon, Musee du Louvre, Susan Graham
The Genius of Connecticut, Lisa Kim
The Old Town Square #8, Aleksander Rotner
The Red Stairs, Mark Smith
Manhattan Bridge, Ron Smith

Southport Harbor 2016, Simin Allison
Peaceful Radiance, Jean-Marc Bara
Easton, Jeremy Frost
Magical, Sandy Gennrich
Long Distance, Scott Glaser
Paradise, Peter Scott
Over the Precipice, Rick Sereque
The Storm, David Pisciotta (Student)
Zion Sky, David Pisciotta (Student)

Flowers, Judy Miller Bailey
A Walk on Campus, Brandon Campbell (Student)
Evening Orchid, Ann Franzen
Passage, Danielle L. Goldstein
Nakuru Zebras in Fog, Jonathan Gordon
Awestruck, Kristie Kistner
Fresh from the Garden, Pamela Lindberg
Male Calico Pennant Dragonfly, Denise Saldaña
Untitled, Remi Smith (Student)

Photo of a Young Boy, Harold Berenson
Perceptions, JoAnn Cancro
Smokin’ Hot Cohiba, JoAnn Cancro
Sexy Bump, Kasey Hilleary
Anne Waldman, Poet, John Sarsgard
Himba Woman, Barbara Paul
Rashaida Grandmother, Barbara Paul
Time for Bed, Mark Smith
Untitled, Remi Smith (Student)

IMAGES 2017 Featured Photographer: The Photography of Joe Standart

March 9 – April 30, 2017

Internationally-known photographer, artist, and director Joe Standart is acclaimed for capturing the ever-changing subtleties of light and mood. His award-winning 40-year career began with the National Park Service in Alaska, where he spent two years documenting remarkable landscapes. Standart then moved to a New York City studio and partnered with advertising, editorial and corporate clientele for three decades and produced many memorable campaigns for clients including Viking Range, Martex Sheets, and General Electric appliances. He has now shifted to his current reflective fine art, portrait photography, and large scale, community building and public art installations. Paired with the Fairfield Museum’s IMAGES 2017 Juried Photography Exhibition, Standart’s work shares the many outlets of a photographer’s talents. His versatile abilities capture personal stories through fine art, revealing the adventures of travel and beauty of nature, and highlight the collaborations and opportunities of working with commercial clientele.

About Joe
Joe Standart is an internationally-known photographer and director, whose successful campaigns for organizations have won him awards from the Andys, The One Show, and others. His international travel, nature, fine art, and corporate clientele experiences illuminate his multifaceted and impressive career. Standart’s work explores the ways a photographer can connect with individuals and communities on a personal level. His national public art initiative, Portrait of America, transforms a city into an outside gallery. Through monumental portraits of the city’s residents throughout public spaces, these outdoor exhibitions makes fine art accessible to all. Portrait of America holds a mirror up to a community to reveal what’s already there—the inherent dignity and promise of its people.