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A most unique honey made in a most unique way in partnership with the Fairfield Garden Club. Ogden House Honey was made by honeybees who gathered nectar from plants, including herbs, used by 18th century colonial housewives. Honeybees were brought across the Atlantic in the early 1600’s to pollinate apple trees so settlers could make cider.

The straw bee skeps in the Ogden House Kitchen Garden represent the importance of beekeeping in the colonies. Several bee colonies are maintained by the Fairfield Garden Club and are located in Oak Lawn Cemetery. The result? Delicious honey found at the Fairfield Museum and History Shop! $12 per jar.


Fairfield & Southport Sweatshirts, T-shirts, & Onesies!

Crisp fresh tees and sweatshirts in bright happy colors by Seaside Delights.

Choose from a whimsical whale, nautical themes, and more!
Prices range from $17-$48.

Ghost Books at Fairfield Museum

Unique Books on Connecticut Tourism, Travel and Local Lore

Read about the ghostly diner who still insists upon joining the meal in “Ghost Stories & Legends of Southwestern CT.” $19.99
A fine array of books on spooky stories and other Connecticut titles are available in the Museum Shop.