Family/History: Exploring the Randolph-Ward Photographic Collection

Fairfield Museum Ward Reunion
April 16, 2022 — August 28, 2022
North Gallery

Revealing histories of the Randolph and Ward families and their relatives in Fairfield, the Randolph-Ward Collection spans approximately 100 years of family and photographic history. Tracing how the development of photography as a medium intertwined with these families’ histories, this exhibit highlights photographic documentation as a poignant tradition within the families.

Learn more through a selection of the photographs found in the Randolph-Ward Collection and a display of cameras from the Museum’s collection spanning the 1890s to the 1950s.

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with Allison Minto, the Museum’s IMAGES 2022 Featured Photographer.


Click here to download a large-print version of the exhibition labels.


Image: Ward, Randolph, and Williams Family Reunion, c. 1940s. Gift of Gwendolyn Ward, 2018, Ward and Randolph Family Collection, MSB 142.


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