Sharon Hirsch, "Peek-a-boo"
May 19, 2022 — August 14, 2022
Jacky Durrell Meeting Hall

The Fairfield Museum’s annual IMAGES exhibition cycle is now in its 14th year!

This juried photography exhibition celebrates the exceptional work of talented regional photographers. Open to professional, serious amateur, and student photographers from Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, photographs submitted will be of the following categories: Landscape, Portrait, Nature, Abstract, and Architecture.

IMAGES 2022 Selected Photographers


Christine Acebo, Solar Powered Cyanotype
Judy Miller Bailey, Untitled
Jane Freiler, The Modern Creation (Student)
Ellen Gould, Christmas Gift
Anna Keeley, Falling (Student)
Julie O’Connor, Mapping the Coastline of Copper & Verdigris
Catherine Prins, Blueberries on Ice
Catherine Prins, Champagne Dreams 2
Patricia Spaght, Transformation


Paul R. Berger, Cathedral Under The Canvas
Paul R. Berger, Turning Point
Van Collins, Changing Rooms
Alexandria Donovan, City Gray
Ann Franzen, Last Train to Milan
Libby McMahon, New Haven Bauhaus (Student)
Charlotte Stone, Swing Set at Night


Simin Allison, Highway 1
Carol Battin, Ellis Island Hospital
Claire Van de Berghe, Walk on the Moon
Michele Hermsen, Floating
Steven Hurst, Chicago Street Scene
John Koliopoulos, Connecticut Adirondacks
John Koliopoulos, The 60s
Barbara LaRocca, Joyride
Penelope Ross, Silvermine River
Peyton Schleef, Winter Solace


Deborah Eck, Morning Chase
Sharon Hirsch, Peek-a-Boo
Steven Hurst, Winter Morning
Constance Keller, Make Room
Joanie Landau, Iris B+W
Sophia Marler, Hummingbird in Flight
Isabelle Morse, Late Summer Bloom (Student)
Penelope Ross, Moreton Bay Fig
Jamie Spates, Tranquil Reflection


Christine Acebo, Viewing Dijkstra
Jean-Marc Bara, In Prayer
Nancy Breakstone, A BVI Moment
Nancy Breakstone, Her Pain
Deborah Eck, Capable Hands
Anna Keeley, Dazjon (Student)
Emily Kelting, Novice Monks
Mark Smith, Couch Portrait

Pictured: “Peek-a-Boo” by Sharon Hirsch



Exhibition Supporters

IMAGES 2022 is presented in memory of Marcia B. Saft. A former Fairfield Museum Board Member and devoted community leader and philanthropist, Marcia Saft (1945-2016) was an enthusiastic supporter of Fairfield’s history and artistic legacy.