The Fairfield Museum is pleased to continue celebrating the exceptional work of talented photographers from across the region through the IMAGES 2019 Juried Photography Show, which opens on Thursday, February 28. A jury of three professional photographers will select approximately 40 photographs for the exhibition, and the selected photos will be shown alongside the inspiring work of adventure photographer Jen Edney. All of the images will be on display at the Fairfield Museum through April 28.

Hailing from land-locked Nebraska, Edney has clocked over 50,000 offshore miles. She was recently named by National Geographic as one of “Nine Female Photographers Who Push The Limits.” Edney captures on-site action and human emotion from unique and often surprising perspectives, photographing from below the water and above the rig. Her first sailing photography work in 2009 covered American sailor Zac Sunderland, the first person under 18 years of age to sail solo around the world. In 2017-2018, Edney was chosen as an Onboard Reporter for the Volvo Ocean Race, sailing’s most dangerous event. Edney trained for weeks to be able to survive on boats traveling up to 40 knots in waves as high as 30 feet. Edney’s work has been featured on ESPN, ABC Prime Time, and CBS Sports, and in the Los Angeles Times, Sail Magazine, Yacht, Success Magazine, Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, and Red Bull Adventure.

IMAGES 2019 is presented in memory of Marcia B. Saft. A former Fairfield Museum Board Member and devoted community leader and philanthropist, Marcia Saft (1945-2016) was an enthusiastic supporter of Fairfield’s history and artistic legacy. A special thanks to Southport Galleries for their continuing support.

2019 IMAGES Photography Show

Rose, Elliot Dolzani (Student)

Viewer’s Choice: Silence, Inelyz Viruet (Student)


As I Walked Between Terminals, Christine Acebo
Just Golden – In The Sand, Nancy Breakstone
Spark Face, Lisa Cuchara
Budapest Gift Shop Window, Donald David
White Rose, Jonathan Gordon
Torn, Judy Miller Bailey
From Depths She Rises, Ella Toth-Melko (Student)
Meeting Place (Pokhara, Nepal), Benjamin Gruenbaum


Bract Beam, Jaime Viens

Downtown, Looking Up, Barry Bellovin
MAC Barcelona, Alexandria Donovan
Curiosity Cabinet #72, William Frucht
Crossing the Courtyard, Sandy Gennrich
Push or Pull?, Kirsti Holtan
Commerce, Arpad Krizsan
Ocean Sea Grill, John Maggi
Colorful Retreat, Allie Rowland (Student)
Villages de France, Fredda Gordon


Contemplation, Jean-Marc Bara
McWay Sunset, Nick Benson
View from Brooklyn, Richard Kunsch
Away in the Manger, Steven Labkoff
Upon the Edge of Darkness, David Pisciotta
Road to the Summit, Allie Rowland (Student)
Cabo Sunrise, Patrick Sikes
The Tourists, Bill Van Ollefen


Reach for the Sky, William Canosa
Rose, Elliot Dolzani (Student)
Allium. Allium., Ann Franzen
Heavenly Grass, Gillian Gerber (Student)
Over or Under?, Ellen Gould
Strolling Along, Carlotta Grenier
Hungry Bees, Susan Rotando


Livestock Trader, Jean-Marc Bara
Joy, Miggs Burroughs
Through the Looking Glass, Chablis, Jeremy Frost
My Story, Jonathan Kubie (Student)
Toby, Bruce Lippman
Practice Time: Ballet School, Havana, Nancy Moon
John, Nicholas Noto (Student)
Bract Beam, Jaime Viens
Safety First, David Pisciotta