The Road to Busytown: Richard Scarry’s Life in Fairfield County

Richard Scarry inspires with his people-like animals
October 7, 2022 — May 14, 2023

“The pigs, cats, bears and other characters in Scarry books are not animals, they are real people living normal lives”

Illustrator Richard Scarry wanted his books to not only be educational, but fun! Scarry’s beloved Busytown was created while he lived in Westport, and teaches children about how communities work: what people do, the transportation they use, and the places they go. Fairfield Museum’s interactive, engaging, and family-friendly exhibit, “The Road to Busytown: Richard Scarry’s Life in Fairfield County,” will have visitors young and old drawing connections between their personal experiences in their community, Scarry’s fictional Busytown, and those of the Scarry family during the time they lived in Westport and Ridgefield.

Learn more about how Scarry’s life and work in Fairfield County inspired his illustrations of Busytown through rare family photographs, original illustrations and sketches, and personal accounts from son Huck Scarry, and enjoy interactive areas, a reading nook, and a scavenger hunt for Lowly Worm!

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with Huck Scarry. The image above is Copyright © 2022 by THE RICHARD SCARRY CORPORATION AG. RICHARD SCARRY is a registered trademark of The Richard Scarry Corporation AG.

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Exhibition Supporters

This exhibition has been made possible through the generous support of Fairfield Rotary, Random House Children’s Books, Bigelow Tea, The Denise Walsh Team – William Raveis, and Connecticut Humanities.

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