Summer Camps

Thanks for a great summer!!!

Information on Summer Camps 2019 will be available in early February, 2019.

Fairfield Museum’s Summer Camp Adventures inspire and engage kids ages 5 – 14. Hands-on and interactive activities include tours, games, art and crafts that inspire young people to discover the world around them, bringing art and history to life. Kids will explore hands-on exhibitions and historic sites, learning about the arts, history and culture — with plenty of time to make new friends and enjoy summer fun!

Explore the World
Session 2: June 25-29 | 1pm – 4pm | Ages 9 – 12

Members: $175; Non-members: $200.
Explore the natural environment surrounding the Fairfield Museum and discover the people who’ve lived along the coast. Explore the wide variety of open spaces including Ash Creek, St. Mary’s by the Sea, Pine Creek, and Jennings Beach. Learn how to make a sketchbook like the famous explorers and make drawings, sketches, paintings, and notes on our journeys. Study the local flora, fauna, observe bird life and listen to facts, folktales and stories of the sea and the Sound. Can we find the corduroy road? Is there a ghost at Penfield Lighthouse? Find out!

*Caregivers should be prepared to bring your child’s bike, helmet and a lock to drop off on Tuesday and pick up on Friday. Bikes will be stored securely inside at the end of the day.

Time Travelers
Session 3: July 9 – 13 | 10am – 2pm | Ages 8 – 12

Members: $200; Non-Members: $225.
History comes to life through an exploration of historic sites and fascinating events. Step back in time when Native Americans lived on the coast, become an explorer or tavern keeper, learn about Victorian pastimes, and onwards through the mid-20th century. Become immersed in different time periods through trailblazing, historic tours, role playing, fun games and hands-on activities. Return to the present with a full week of amazing adventures and projects!

Graphic Arts: My Fascinating World
Session 4: July 16 – 20 | 9am – 1pm | Ages 8 – 12

Members: $175; Non-Members: $200.
Create your own graphic novel by picking a theme and build rich, exciting and unbelievable worlds for your book. Will your story be funny, scary, or suspenseful? You don’t have to be a writer just bring a great attitude and imagination! Listen and watch our favorite graphic novels, books and movies. How will your story end? It’s up to you! Campers will be presented with a certificate of excellence for the completion of their novel.

Super Spies
Session 5: July 16 – 20 | 9am – 12pm | Ages 6 – 8
Session 6: July 16 – 20 | 1pm – 4pm | Ages 8 – 12

Members: $175; Non-Members: $200
All Day Special!
Students in Graphic Arts in the morning may attend Session 6 at a discount.
Members: $100; Non-Members: $125
Discover the intrigue, drama and our local connection with George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring. Find out more about spies throughout history, from the intrigues in Egypt and Rome to James Bond and the Cold War. Learn the skills and build the tools necessary to become a “super spy” by studying the history of spy-making, creating codes and disguises. Your mission: discover the mole in our midst, work as a team to create spy challenges and develop endurance by training with obstacle courses and target practice (with water balloons). Enjoy this super fun and intriguing week!

Fantastical Creatures
Session 7: July 23-27 | 10am – 2pm | Ages 7 – 10

Members: $200; Non-Members: $225.
Unpack your imagination and dive into the realm of mythical creatures. Gargoyles, dragons, mermaids “oh-my”! What creatures and habitats will you create? We have two field trips planned to fill your child’s “inspiration bucket.” The more inspiration, the more elaborate! Let’s have fun!

History by Hand
Session 8: July 30 – August 3| 10am – 2pm | Ages 7 – 11

Members: $200; Non-Members: $225. 
Be inspired by history and handmade! View crazy quilts and examples from our collections and learn how to sew, embellish and more. Learn hand stitching basics to mastering a sewing machine, creating patchwork pillows, stuffed animals, bags and more. We’ll also explore the Museum’s interactive gallery and enjoy active playtime outside.

More History by Hand
Session 9: August 6 – 10 | 9am – 2pm | Ages 9 – 14

Members: $225; Non-Members: $250.
Students with previous experience sewing are invited to continue learning more advanced sewing and fiber arts techniques. Dye your own fabric to create colorful and whimsical pillows or bags. Discover the art of quilting by examining vintage pieces from our collections and explore your own ideas with colorful fabrics and patterns.

Colonial Life Camp at the 1750 Ogden House
Session 10: August 13 – 17 | 9am – 2pm | Ages 8 – 12
Session 11: August 20 – 24 | 9am – 2pm | Ages 8 – 12 | FULL

Members: $225; Non-Members: $250.
Step back in time and discover what life was like in Colonial times at the 1750 Ogden House, located at 1520 Bronson Road in Fairfield. Dipping candles, writing with a feather pen and ink, and making homemade butter and ice cream were all in a day’s work. Campers spend four days learning and playing at the Ogden House, a Fairfield Saltbox home dating back to 1750, and the final day on the historic Town Green exploring a 19th century schoolhouse and Victorian-era barn.

Camp Registration Information

*Please note: The Fairfield Museum is pleased to introduce a new and secure online payment and registration system. The links below will bring you to the online registration page. You will also have the option of creating a Fairfield Museum account, which will make future transactions for membership, donations, camps, programs, and events even easier!

**If you’d like to download a registration and mail or drop off a check, please download and complete the Summer Camps registration form here.

***A Camp Release and Doctor’s Medical Form is required for summer camp registration. These documents are available for download here.
Please mail these forms to:
Fairfield Museum, 370 Beach Road, Fairfield, CT 06824. Attn: Summer Camps.

Camp Policies & Refunds

• A full refund (minus a $25 processing fee) is given if requested by email at least 2 weeks in advance of the first day of camp. Please call to confirm that your request has been received.
• A full refund is issued if the camp is canceled by the Fairfield Museum.
• We do not pro-rate camps for missed days.
• Lunch & Snack: Campers should bring a peanut-free snack for ½ day programs and a peanut-free snack + lunch for full day programs.