1750 Ogden House

The 1750 Ogden House & Colonial Garden
1520 Bronson Road, Fairfield, CT
Open on Sundays, 1:00pm-3:30pm from June 1 – September 29, 2019 and by appointment.

This saltbox house was built in 1750 for David Ogden at the time of his marriage to Jane Sturges. For the next 125 years it was home for the Ogden family in the farming and coastal shipping town of Fairfield. The property once included nearly 75 acres of farmland and several outbuildings. Today, the Ogden House welcomes visitors to discover more about the life of a colonial family.

The house is furnished with every day objects including cooper barrels, iron pieces used in the hearth, a flax and woolen wheel, several mirrors, glassware, textiles, rope beds, and fine pieces of furniture from the Fairfield Museum’s collection. Reproductions are also located throughout the rooms, including samples of real flax, children’s toys and hanging herbs in the garret and hearth. The 1750 Ogden House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The ongoing restoration of the Ogden House has been made possible by the Greenfield Hill Improvement Society and by the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism’s Historic Restoration Fund. CCT Logo

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The Ogden House Colonial Kitchen Garden

Since 1935 the Ogden House Garden, an 18th century style kitchen garden, has been planned, planted and generously maintained by the Fairfield Garden Club, an affiliate of The Garden Club of America. The garden, located behind the house, features raised beds, walkways of crushed sea shells with plants and herbs typical of those used at the time. Learn more about the garden.

Click the Photos Below to view 360 degree images of The Ogden House:

A 360 inside view of the Ogden House

Photographs Courtesy of Evergreen Studios

Ogden House 360

Directions to Ogden House & Gardens

1520 Bronson Road, Fairfield, CT
Parking is available along the drive adjacent to the Ogden House. Buses are not allowed, please contact the Education Department for details on parking and directions at 203-259-1598.

From I-95 southbound: Exit 20 (Bronson Rd.) Turn right onto Bronson Rd. Ogden House is 1.3 miles ahead on the right.

From I-95 northbound: Exit 21 (Mill Plain Rd.) Turn left onto Mill Plain Rd. Bear left on Sturges Rd. Turn right at stop sign onto Bronson Rd. Ogden House is 1.3 miles ahead on the right.

From Merritt Parkway northbound: Exit 44 (Rte 58) At end of the ramp turn right onto Congress St. Turn left onto Hillside Rd. Bear left/ahead at stop sign onto Bronson Rd. Ogden House is .3 mile ahead on the left.

From Merritt Parkway southbound: Exit 44 (Rte 58) Turn left at the light at the end of ramp and left at the next light onto Route 58 S (Black Rock Turnpike).Turn right onto Congress St. Continue as for northbound above.